Thursday, 30 March 2017

Heinz Barbecue Chilli Sauce

This one was one of the sauce I picked up from Poundland when on the Hot Spending vlog a few days ago. Costing only £1 and a favour of mine likes BBQ Sauce, so why not try it.
The video is below:

The bottle. 

The bottle is a simple one, the sauce fully squeezed in that container, the labels is very posh and nostalgic and the name is clearly shown. The back has a major amount of small text which has to happen due to food standards agency ideas and also people do calorie count. But the lid is nice with the Heinz 50 varieties branding engraved on it. 

The front of the bottle

The bottom of the bottle with the cap

The back of the bottle with the info and details

The Sauce.

Now once the lid is unscrewed, the seal needs to come off which can be easily done and well that is a teeth affair, then its sauce away with the actually not too thick liquid which means the sauce can overflow quickly if you don't control the squeeze in the nozzle. But the sauce is showing some chilli extract on it which gives the idea of the kick is a bit stronger than usual BBQ.

The opened bottle

How the sauce looks on a finger

The tasting:

1: from finger

This is pretty much sucking that finger and the sauce did leave a amazing taste and the KICK shortly came in after which is exactly what is supposed to happen but its not as strong as Ghost Pepper luckily.  

2: In a Sandwich. 

BBQ Sauce sandwiches are common and for me its no exception. So I made a nice chicken salad mino roll sandwich for the BBQ Sauce to be squirted in and boy did it make the flavour much more oomph. With the kick there but not painful, the salad to cool it down, the chocolate for the taste and i was impressed. 

Preparing the Sandwich

Squirting it in

The Finished Result


This sauce is a nice spicy kick on a classic and i was not regretting buying this at all.

omracer's Rating: 9/10

The Good Points: 

  • Only £1.00
  • That BBQ taste is there
  • Nice firey kick but not too much of a kick
  • A nice amount in there

The Bad Points: 

  • Can be sticky.
  • Can be hard to open seal up without teeth

I'll be getting a drink review done soon and more maybe later on.