Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Stealth Challenger Black Gaming Chair

Well, this review is based on one the christmas present antics. I decided to go ahead with a Gaming chair from Playom. But this was a pretty decent idea since I usually use a chair for typing, gaming, video editing and more in my life now. But coming in at £130 from Playom, it was a nice deal and something to help me be more productive. Note, there is no review on this in terms of video since I have a fair few things to catch up on. But Enjoy how it works and sets up. Amazon also have it.

The Box. 

Its big and boring yet there is some nice labelling and warnings of it to cover legal issues and red tape. But Its good to say the weight, warnings and the chair's features. 

The top of the Box. 
That was about it, but then inside was a fair bit of packaging and boxes inside to cover what was in and the manual. That was very easy to tear up sadly. 

Setting it up. 

Well getting it all out and the intstructions were pretty clear with it all. Big diagrams and bold text underneath the diagrams made it easy. So we started on each step.

Step 1: The base

This wasn't too bad, but it did need a push to get the wheels in the stand a bit, no screwdrivers needed either, the allen key provided would be better later on though. 

The base of the chair

The Manual and the screws needed for this 

Then it was getting the Gas cyclinder and the plastice covers on, this did take some work but the diagram partly helps, maybe the plastic should of had some engraving on which one to use but then again, it worked out nicely to get on there.

The gas and plastic on the stand. 

Step 2: The chair base.

This wasn't that bad, but those screws can be stiff to get off and the washers can easily be misplaced and fall out, but I managed it get it screwed down. But it can be really hard later on without any help, as I discovered. The allen key is pretty strong too, and works on the Bike, so ideals for multi usage. 

The bottom of the chair going on the bracket. 
Then it got to the sides and THAT IS HARD. Washers falling out making it harder to align it is one of the reasons this was tricky. But luckily, mum did help me on it. It took about 30 minutes on this bit with my mum and trying it alone.

The screws on the side of the chair, this is a bit of nightmare

Step 4: The chair to the stand. 

This bit is actually easier than it looks, its fitting it it to the right hole, making sure to remove the red cap beforehand. But then it goes into the hole futher up than the bigger taller hole, sop bear that in mind. But once that is done, you can say you have made a chair yourself. 

Placing the stand in the hole on the chair.

The Result, 

Its a chair with some extra padding and it actually does make it stylish and its taller than the other chair I have, even without the high difference due to the gas. But it adds more for comfortable seating. 

The Chair, complete

The new chair vs the old one. 

The testing, well.....

Actually its comfortable and its a good height, it might have to be a lean back for the full experience, but its ideal for long moments on the PC and gaming on a desk. For something that is a bit more than a Fast trax chair in B&M but this can really be good for gamers. 

omracer's Rating: 6/10

The Good Points: 

  • Reasonable Value than what it used to be
  • Very comfortable with the pads
  • Moves up and down
  • Not a poorly translated set of instructions 

The Bad Points: 

  • Can be very bulky for delivery.
  • Some instructions can be tricky
  • The side panels can be really hard to fit when alone
  • Washers can fall easily

Well there might be one more Review coming out by the new Year but I have some last minute things to finish off, but for now, we can rest in the wet boxing day.l