Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Nemesis Akuma Optical Gaming Headset

With my life being more of the streaming bit of things, I needed a headset which could cope with my needs without spending a massive wage on it. Which with the Nemesis Akuma hopefully comes in. Since its USB, it should work with the consoles and PC with ease I thought, and from what I found out and tested. I was right. Costing me £20.95 + £2.99 Postage from CCL. Amazon actually have it more expensive but its HERE for convenience 

 Enjoy a video review below and then read on for the deeper tests.

The Box.

This has a nice black and green look, which is also a little hint to show its compatible for Xbox, with the light gren the 360 used to use for logos and former dashboard. The features are really pushed out to show what this can do, which is good for people what want to know. Also the box shows the headset itself which can really make it attractive. The back has the massive amount of text and pictures are clear to show whats inside. If you want to know about it, the box almost tells you everything you want to know about it.

The akuma's front

The right hand side

The left hand side of the box

The back of the box 

The Unboxing.

As we enter the biggish box with the headset and the parts needed for it to be working. The parts that are hidden underneath are pretty much sealed and carefully wrapped top make it look protected. But there is more than meets the eye for it. The contents are clear to see once out of the packaging for each of them. From usb cables to the cable between the headset and the optical box is a mini usb cable as well which did slightly surprise me. But it shows there is care to what is included for this. 

The accessories where only small things and standard cables but still made sense to be there like the optical and Micro usb cables. 

The optical and Micro USB Cable

A look  at the connector for the optical converter

the top of the optical converter

The optical and Microusb connections on the converter

Then we have the manual, which allows for seeing how to set the headset up, with the different consoles. The console's guides were more focused on the PS4 which is ideal for this review but you see easier screenshots later on. Its a shame that Sumvision didn't upload the manual for reference if you do bin it. But you can see that below:

The front

The inside page

How to connect them

The settings

Showing off the PS4 settings

More screenshots of the PS4 settings

The back of the manual

The Headset itself its very comfy for its huge size. The red padding is a new concept I've not see before and the glowing makes it look fierce. The cables are pretty thick as well which means it might make it easier to keep it from being broke, just don't have a collie near it, hopefully not.

The headset's ear caps

Notice the red padding

the apparent 3.5mm mic input

The nemesis logos which is led btw

the mic in the hole
Then it was the switches or the controller so to speak. with 3 switches, one for game (optical port), one for chat (Micro USB) and one for the mic. Which felt very light and plastic but on the end of it, was a 2.5mm controller input for xbox 360 and 1st gen xbox one controllers. The Mic is also bendable and braided inside the plastic shell it has.

The controller

The mic. its omni directional as well

Wearing the headset.

This is actually comfier than i would of thought it to be, maybe the padding does it nice ;). The mic does get near my mouth which makes it nice and clear as well as the padding does make it easier to wear over long periods of time. Also 3 people liked one of the selfies of me wearing it, including a cute blonde so that can account for something too. :)

The selfie 3 likes got me

from the side

and the other

that mic with chin

from above it is. 

Then it was time to see how it faired up to connecting with a PS3. 

Connecting it up:


Sony didn't make it hard to get this setup. With forgetting to take off the optical cable caps, it made harder to fit and also explains why i didn't get sound. But the settings i used were the ones to go for. 

A look at the optical connections (with plastic cap on)

connecting it up to the PS3's USB ( and Poundland cooling fans)

The quality is still crystal clear when it was tested. Like the quality of usb audio is usually pretty good. This was no exception. 


Now this was actually the same Setup with USb and optical, BUT....

Since there is a feature for dual, wait TRIPLE audio out from the PS4, this was a b it more complex with the settings. Well its more getting the settings right. Which you will see below: 

Connecting it up at the back

The usb plugged in

Settings for the USB part
The mic options

The settings for audio out
The settings when using optical out

Then it was testing a game clip, which was fine but I think i lowered the mic volume a bit too low really which made it seem really minimal when playing Hotline Miami 2 via PS4 share. Which actually records nicely. 

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

Which means it leads to the only last bit left, the PC.


This was simple to connect, with the Micro USB plugged into the USB port, and that was it, the sound was instantly working on my steambox. Windows instantly put it out as default device which i superb. All OBS needed waas to change the mic to use USB audio in settings > audio and you were using it for streaming, heck did you know that when recording the video for installing the Sumvision driver for the PC version to see if its the same, its actually a different one., that was using the akuma. 
Anyways the drivers for people that want to know more. 

The summary

More details

the driver description

This is the IDs people usually google

You can see i forced it to use the akuma 7.1 but it didn't like it 

The Conclusion

This headset sounds like those JML adverts but actually follows through with what they wanted to advertise, the quality is awesome the setup is reasonably straightforward. The weight of it is quite nice and sturdy. With all this in mind. 

omracer's Rating: 7/10

 The Good Points:

  • Good Value
  • Works with PS3 and PS4 with little trouble
  • All what you need is supplied
  • Very immersive sound 
  • Thick cables
  • No struggle with using it for OBS
  • No special cables to buy if you lose the supplied ones (standard optical, micro usb etc)

The Bad Points:

  • The manual is quite tiny
  • The software for the PC only variant of the headset doesn't work with this
  • Thick glass frames (or google glass) might get damaged when wearing headset at same time. 

And thats ideal for People that want to see how a headset it seen. More different reviews will be soon I hope. :)


Thursday, 5 January 2017

Calvin Klein Contradiction Perfume

This is a review of a present I had which was given to me from a customer in work between Christmas and new year, the perfume is quite a unique one in its looks but common in its smell. The review video for this is below:

You can buy it from Amazon HERE

The Packaging,

This is just simple, the box is a silver reflective colour with engraving style font on the box to help show the product, its actually a translation of french which means some bits are hard to read than others but for the most part, it shows off what it is. 

The box is reflective 
You can see the font is a silver reflective type to make it shine

The left and right side of the box is this 

The ingredients whhich are somewhat hard to pronounce are here

The made in france and EAN barcode is at the bottom.

The Unboxing. 

As we lifted the box up, we had a surprise of a metal cylinder looking thing appear, much like a robot from MiB or even something lie Wall-E was here, Its a heavy one at that, bit it lifts up and becomes a red/pink bottle.

The height of it 

The metal cyclinder

When its taken out, it looks like this

The bottom of the bottle. 

The testing. 

Well, to start with, a whiff of it was sprayed onto my wrist, which was actually nice and made sure that was a strong fragrance, with the whiff of Rose and also the usual fragrant smell, this was a nice addition. Then I tried it on my armpits, which the smell usually disappears quickly, and it actually stayed there for a few hours, maybe it would last me a whole 8 hours a day type of thing in work, but thats to be tested another time. Well to sum it up...

omracer's Rating: 6/10

The Good Points: 

  • Very strong smell.
  • Very modern design.
  • Quite alot of perfume from the heavy weight of it. 

The Bad Points:

  • This can be quite pricey
  • Easy to break if dropped
  • The smell can be somewhat perfume shop style common (even if it is strong to others)

That is the first review of this year started, there will be many more this year, I will try anyway.