Thursday, 5 January 2017

Calvin Klein Contradiction Perfume

This is a review of a present I had which was given to me from a customer in work between Christmas and new year, the perfume is quite a unique one in its looks but common in its smell. The review video for this is below:

You can buy it from Amazon HERE

The Packaging,

This is just simple, the box is a silver reflective colour with engraving style font on the box to help show the product, its actually a translation of french which means some bits are hard to read than others but for the most part, it shows off what it is. 

The box is reflective 
You can see the font is a silver reflective type to make it shine

The left and right side of the box is this 

The ingredients whhich are somewhat hard to pronounce are here

The made in france and EAN barcode is at the bottom.

The Unboxing. 

As we lifted the box up, we had a surprise of a metal cylinder looking thing appear, much like a robot from MiB or even something lie Wall-E was here, Its a heavy one at that, bit it lifts up and becomes a red/pink bottle.

The height of it 

The metal cyclinder

When its taken out, it looks like this

The bottom of the bottle. 

The testing. 

Well, to start with, a whiff of it was sprayed onto my wrist, which was actually nice and made sure that was a strong fragrance, with the whiff of Rose and also the usual fragrant smell, this was a nice addition. Then I tried it on my armpits, which the smell usually disappears quickly, and it actually stayed there for a few hours, maybe it would last me a whole 8 hours a day type of thing in work, but thats to be tested another time. Well to sum it up...

omracer's Rating: 6/10

The Good Points: 

  • Very strong smell.
  • Very modern design.
  • Quite alot of perfume from the heavy weight of it. 

The Bad Points:

  • This can be quite pricey
  • Easy to break if dropped
  • The smell can be somewhat perfume shop style common (even if it is strong to others)

That is the first review of this year started, there will be many more this year, I will try anyway.