Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Aloe Vera Juice Original

So, this review was a quick plan, with drinking this a few weeks ago with Pete, i decided to get a bottled reviewed to show you guys and ladies the taste and well, this was £1 from Poundland. But thee one me and pete drank was the half size bottle which was 2 for £.
The review in video which i show and drink the stuff is below:

The bottle

the bottle is in a nice clear style 1L with green and white styles, with the front and back the same and the left with ingredients and nutrition and the other with barcodes and product info like who made it and social media links. 
This was the setup for the video

The front and back of the bottle

The nutrition and ingredients

The product info and social links

the top of the bottle with the cap

The bottom of the bottle with some of the pellets showing

Serving the drink

The drink is quite a light grape colour, with some gel inside, i'm interested about that but it has that smell of Washing powder as well as the typical aloe vera smell. But it was clear to see the pellets as well. 

Looking from the top inside

What the pellets look like on my hand

When i tasted it, it was nice, sure there is that unique taste but its a good refreshing drink. With that in mind...

omracer's Rating: 6/10

The Good Points: 

  • its refreshing
  • its slightly cheaper than Robinson's juices RRP
  • the taste is different to what you would expect

The Bad points:

  • I have to travel to plymouth to buy it
  • The gel/pellts might annoy some of us
  • Drinking too much will make a shit needed
Well that is that and enjoy more reviews later this year