Monday, 1 February 2016

Frugo Ultra Green Juice

A quick review of a juice I bought actually while I was shopping in Tesco one evening. It was something called Frugo. This was actually in the import isle in the local Tesco and it was quite a nice drink, now there was a video but I found out when i was filming on the phone, it dropped into the water and fried the mic :(((. So that means as well as my sister's cat dying young yesterday, the phone can't do vlogs any more easily, so i've had to order a new one for technically £10 more without a case but its uk stock. But thats a different thing.#

The bottle itself

Well its a small 250ml glass bottle which has a jungle theme to it with, it was nice with a tiger and chamleon. Then the cap was quite nice in its design. 

The top of the bottle

The details of the flavour of the juice

The bottle and logo

Another look at the logo

The taste:

Well the taste is actually quite fruity, its a mix of fruits but its a different taste to lilt, But you can taste the apple and the kiwi but there is a mix of the bitterness to one of the other fruits in there. 

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The Good Points: 

  • Only £0.50
  • Its a juice
  • There is a decent taste to it

The Bad Points: 

  • Glass bottles can break
  • there is a slight bitter taste within the decent taste

Well thats that, But with the phone having to re-arrive soon, I can get on to reviewing in video form again .