Sunday, 31 January 2016

Selfie Remote H-28626

As a mini review, here is a review of the selfie remote that i Bought for £1 from Poundworld on Thursday last week. So as a nice filler, here is a review of the selfie stick, its a very quick one but i'll be honest and it actually works, Let this review get going.

The Packaging.

Its a pretty bright bit of packaging which shows off what it does and the main features. From the fact it can work up to 10 m to the App it needs to use. The font is actually Impact which is a common boost type font. The read and the blue and white is a nice ish mix to it as well. Lots of circles to show off features on the side of the box as well. 

The top of the box with the model number and selfie remote

the front of the box, featuring the item itself and features of it

the right side of the box

the left side of the box

The back of the box 

Lets have a look inside...

Now inside the box is actually quite nice, there are only 3 things, the remote, the manual and a spare battery, which is a CRC2032 (bios) battery. This was quite good with clear guidance of how to to use it as well as QR codes for the app if you CBA to search the app store or Play store. 

The insides 

The bottom of the remote and a spare battery

its small in the hand

where the battery goes

the front side of the manual

The bottom side of the manual

Testing Time: 

Then I got the thing on and went to get the app it mentioned which actually was nothing like what it was supposed to do. But one thing that was interesting is that there was no sign of the remote on bluetooth settings on my Ulefone paris. 

the Xcamera app it mentions

Instead, i used the app called Snap Remote which was named  on the iOS App Store which actually worked 

And the switch button worked too. 
Heres some photos taken with it: 
Using the main camera

a front camera selfie

Ideal for a selfie stick

There is some things to note: 

  • This or more the app forit does NOT let you use Video Capture, so this won't be ideal for vlogs. 
  • The actual thing DOESN'T use bluetooth since i did turn BT off and it still worked and the App didn't ask for BT to turn itself on (the vidonn asks me for that)
  • There is a on/off switch
Well with in mind

omracer's Rating: 6/10

The Good Points: 

  • its £1
  • it does work
  • the app is simple

The Bad Points:

  • No video capture via the app
  • No actual bluetooth so other apps can't use it (like open camera for example for vlogs)

well thats another one done and some drinks to review in the short term.