Friday, 14 September 2018

Schwarzkopf LIVE intense Colour Cosmic Blue

We review hair dye yet again, this time we go for a darker colour, how does it turn out, does the colour go as i hoped or do we fail for this time. Well from what happened, i think we have a good time. This was purchased a YEAR ago so the price might not be £4.99 anymore.

The Packaging

So, its a slightly polished packaging to the box. With the LIVE quite bold and 2 people showing off this cosmic blue hair colour, both eyes stand out on the models. The rest of the sides of the box have ALOT of instructions but its important for those instructions to be clear. The blue and red colour scheme still applies somewhat. 

The front of the Box

The Back of the Box

The side of the box

The other side of the box

The Contents

Well, its pretty much the same insides, the bottle, the gel and the after treatment gel. But the bottles were still quite strong compared to the others. But the instructions are understandable but can be tiny to see. But i knew this was going to be fun. 

The contents of the package

The dying

This actually isn't too bad, with shaking the mixture up and the shaking to be quite intense, then using the ig live stream to use as a mirror, but it was VERY MESSY, i mean cream was going everywhere which can make it a BIG mess to deal with, which luckily a hot cloth and nail varnish remover can help remove. But then i waited for 30 minutes, which i got time to get the PS4 on and did some updates. But then it was 9:50 and i got that done. 

The results of the hair after dying it. 

Then it was time to rinse it, which made eveven more mess in the bathroom but it managed to get it out. Then i dried it off ans followed the treatment gel and it worked, well i did skip the 2 minute wait and then rinsed it off. The results aint that bad. 

you can see the darker tone compared to the first pic.


Its messy, but this one does what it says on the tin and makes a good tint on purple as well, but expect to wash flannels and towels. But with that in mind: 

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The Good Points: 

  • Reasonable Price
  • Actually shows the colour it advertises
  • Easyish to use

The Bad Points:

  • Can be very messy
  • Causes ALOT OF MESS

Well there is other reviews soon but we shall see what happens. Maybe a cheap gaming laptop. 


Sunday, 9 September 2018

REGEN Energy - Green Apple

So, its been 5 months and actually since I went on holiday. Its been that long and i'm sorry but reviews will be coming soon, and REGEN is to start with. There is no video for this since this coincides and pretty much part of a #omracersNightOut, so the results are in the pudding or whatever. This cost me £29.95 which is £24.95 + £4.99 shipping, 3 Days via Royal Mail signed for and this included a free shaker which was nice of them.

The Packaging

So, its a pretty big tub and is clearly designed to show what is going on and what it provides. Stamina, Focus, Energy and Reaction, all of those qualities needed on a night out. So we will see what it needs. The colours match the flavour which is good indeed, also made in the uk which explains the high price but i needed it for Saturday so pay higher prices for that (Ordered Sunday, arrived Thursday)
The directions on how to use regen and the safety and advice. 

The nutrition facts, more can be found here
~Then its the shaker which is a nice simple design, with a lip sized lid and also the REGEN energy logo appearing nice and clearly, the shaker does go up to 300ml where instructions go to 250ml.

The top of the shaker

Regen on the side 

The volume on the other

Whats inside: 

Well, its powder, white powder, if my theory that the flavour is the same as the apple gfuel. Buit then a mini cup was inside and then it was time to pour it. 

inside the tub and the shaker

It went green after 2 tablespoonfuls of 

Inside the mixture

The Tasting

Well, it actually tasted great, I had the sour apple sweet feeling in my mouth as i tasted it, it felt pretty diluted quickly since i did fill it up to the 300ml mark, but then i was stupid and did another spoonful which was nice but bad for me later.

The Energy,

Well,  to put it simply, it wasn't as great as I had hoped. I felt energetic when i ran down to the bus stop in 8 minutes, but as i was on the bus, I felt like i was bursting for a piss and that was a bad idea, since when i went to go, i felt an pain on my right hand side, not the heart. But the heart rate was not as bad as I was guessing it to be, but after that i felt weary, maybe it was the lack of sleep from the day before, but later on, nearing 11, i was feeling really ill, shakey and hands and legs going numb. Yes Numb. Which made me think I had overdosed on Regen, since it 160mg of caffeine for 2 spoonfuls, I had 3 so thats 200mg of caffeine. Which is okay for some people but as someone with energy anyway, it might of been too much. Which caused some odd feeling i've not had since the saturday when i was really sleepy during the afternoon. 

But once I woke up on the Sunday, i felt pretty energetic when typing this up, so it might of been the lack of sleep from the previous few days, either way, I know to put less for me to keep going. But there is alot of projects up soon. 

The Conclusion

This is strong energy and maybe i didn't estimate how strong to begin with but luckily this will help me keep focused for video editing and blogpost typing for a week or so, but in SMALL Doses. 

omracer's Rating: 6/10

The Good Points: 

  • There is alot of mix in this tub
  • The shaker was nice
  • The taste is like sour apple sweets
  • There is energy to be had
  • This can last a long time 
  • British made so no major importing

The Bad Points:

  • The instruction don't mention what type of spoon to use
  • Can be expensive to buy,
  • Delivery is 3 days
  • Can cause you to feel ill if more than the recommend amount

There are more reviews in place soon.


Monday, 16 April 2018

4Gamers CP-01 Stereo Gaming Headset

This was actually one of those cheap deals from work that actually I decided to get one since USB headsets for under £15 are a good time, But this is a headset that did make me change and sway heads with how its presented and whats inside the box. But its still on amazon.
Enjoy the video below:

The Box.

Its a basic one but it has the nice design of the PlayStation colours. Blue and White, the headset is proudly displayed on the front and also the text is bold and clear, so someone KNOWS what this is and knows what its for, even though from testing it, this works on more than just the PS3. The back is full if lists of features in different languages. 4Gamers have a nice branding too and for the money its a good idea. But the design is also very clear which i like about them as well.

The Front of the Box 

This is on both sides of the box 

The bottom of the box 

The Top of the box 

The back of the Box 

Opening up inside:

This actually is composed of 2 different things, the manual and the headphones. The headphones had on the cable, the usb, 3.5mm jack (I thought it was optical) and the volume control. This was nicely sealed and thick for the cable until you get to the splitter (not damaged) which then the usb cable and the 3.5mm cable is much thinner than it should normally be, but this might explain why there is disconnects on my laptops. But the earpieces are quite decent but don't fold inwards.

what it looks like open box

The volume control

The Audio jack aka  3.5mm jack

The usb

look how small the mic is
The manual is in small but it also has a good sense of what to actually do, since it says the oxygen free cable is actually a 3.5mm cable. But clear and concise makes this so much easier for me.

The manual

More on the manual

Wearing it: 

Well how did it fit, actually tightly. It was having to stetch a little bit but it was comfy, but the volume control is quite heavy though. 

on my right side

on my left side 

Testing the Headset: 

Well this was now the experiment, how it works on 4 different devices which are:

  • PS3
  • PS4
  • PC
  • Phone

Test #1: PS3

Right the one its meant to be for, well this is actually tricky if your TV does not had a 3.5mm headphone jack. So for this case, i had to plug in the headphones to the desktop. The USB in the PS3. Then its the usual settings. 

The headphone jack in the desktop 

The PS3 Plugged in 

How it shows up on the PS3 (Chat audio only)

Test #2: PS4: 

This is where a surprise happens, well nope but this DOES work on a PS4, it can connect to the dualshock 4 but it needs the USB to actually work since its the source of POWER, but also remember that the PS4 can output the audio to the USB part of the headset, game audio etc. 

The mic

Testing the mic
Deciding which device the audio is played on

Test #3: PC. 

As you would guess, the USB would workd on windows 10. So yes this basically is a cheap USB headset. So that works nicely. The quality is good too. 



Those enhancements

The properties of the mic

Spartial sound

only a mono mic

AGC works 

How audacity looks 

Test #4: Phone

Works fine but its only the headphones and also the USB needs to be plugged in for this to work. so the mic won't work unless the usb is plugged in via a OTG. 


Well, this is a decent headset for a budget price and with usb and 3.5mm, this has potential big time. 

omracer's Rating: 8/10

The Good Points:

  • Good value
  • 3.5mm connection
  • USB Connection
  • Volume control and mic mute
  • Works on PS4
  • Works on PC
  • Works on PS3 partly
  • Nice fitting, not too tight
  • Comfy

The Bad Points: 

  • Hard to find if not online
  • Can be small for bigger ears
  • Heavy volume control (Clip on back helps fix this)
  • 3.5mm Jack might be tricky for some TVs for PS3
  • USB needs to be plugged in for 3.5mm to work
  • 3.5mm doesn't work as mic alone

Well i won't be reviewing until may. But more things will be in the works. 


Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Slush Puppie - Slushie Maker

Well, we have a nice idea which might actually be fun if you get the right things to prep it first, I present to you a Slushie maker, not any old cheap stuff, a £60 one. Yes, this was on the cards for a while and a feel of how to make slushies yourself, But be prepared for a pretty complicated tutorial.
The video is below:

The Packaging:

The Box: 

Its a simple colour scheme which fits the slush puppie brand nicely with the Blue, Red and White. the box is quite tall and not much small print on it either. A good look to say the least, its not that heavy either.. 

The front of the Box

Both sides of the Box

The top of the Box 

The back of the box. 

Inside the box. 

Well actually this has a bit of a twist to it, since there is no syrup included but the box does hint at one. The manuals are quite small but actually they are clear and easy to read as well. The cups are really nostalgic as well.

The machine and cups

The cups, straw and manual.
The machine has the button for the power on the side, the top has 2 holes, and the lid can come off as well. Which i didn't notice, but it has a warning inside to make sure you read the instructions carefully. But also it is not heavy so carrying it isn't a hard thing.

The front of the machine

The power button on the side

The lid and the top of the container
The manual is nicely made, with a good accurate reading and also giving a link to a video as a help on how to do it, that is impressive I must admit.

The first 2 pages

The Simple yet detailed manual

The final 2 pages

Setting it up:

So, placing the container on the base, then it was a case of following the instructions. It turns out you will need. 

  • 3 lids of salt (i meant that lid that comes at the top when measuring. 
  • up to 1 litre of syrup and or drink
  • at least 3 trays of ice cubes. (buying a bag of ice might be easier) 
  • 80 ml of water
  • plenty of time to spare. 
Now watch the video that the makers have put about it 

But I hardly had enough Ice and didn't pour enough juice inside of it. But the peaks were there and the timing was quite rightish.

Setting it up

That churning ice

A small mix 

The Mix later on

Time to get a slurp:

Well after waiting 15 minutes, it was time for me to taste it since i saw the peaks. But since i didn't use much of the ice as I was told to, then it was actually not going to be a nice as I thought, but this was NO FAULT of the PRODUCT. So I drank it and I tasted it and there was strong orange squash and a salty taste as well. But switching the mode to dispense was quite good too, that is a handy thing, no problems with it being dispensed in that regard. 

The slush in the cup dispenser 

The Slush-ish in the Cup

The  taste was not as nice as I was expecting but that was again not the product but the ingredients I used, aka lack of Ice. But if I did get told that I would need a bag of ice, that would of been more helpful and a higher rating for the machine.With this in Mind. 

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The Good Points: 

  • Actually licensed by Slush Puppie
  • Nice Cups
  • Detailed Guide
  • Brilliant Packaging
  • A nice amount to make if needed of slush

The Bad Points: 

  • Slightly Higher than what it could of been priced
  • No syrups included
  • The manual forgets to tell you that you need a BAG of ICE
  • If your not patient, this is not for you. 

And there you have it, a review of a Slush Puppie Machine, I never thought I would end up doing something like this and well, Its done now and eventually I can have cold slushes after a long day at work or if we have a heatwave in 2018. But for now, I will see what i can do for reviews.