Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Slush Puppie - Slushie Maker

Well, we have a nice idea which might actually be fun if you get the right things to prep it first, I present to you a Slushie maker, not any old cheap stuff, a £60 one. Yes, this was on the cards for a while and a feel of how to make slushies yourself, But be prepared for a pretty complicated tutorial.
The video is below:

The Packaging:

The Box: 

Its a simple colour scheme which fits the slush puppie brand nicely with the Blue, Red and White. the box is quite tall and not much small print on it either. A good look to say the least, its not that heavy either.. 

The front of the Box

Both sides of the Box

The top of the Box 

The back of the box. 

Inside the box. 

Well actually this has a bit of a twist to it, since there is no syrup included but the box does hint at one. The manuals are quite small but actually they are clear and easy to read as well. The cups are really nostalgic as well.

The machine and cups

The cups, straw and manual.
The machine has the button for the power on the side, the top has 2 holes, and the lid can come off as well. Which i didn't notice, but it has a warning inside to make sure you read the instructions carefully. But also it is not heavy so carrying it isn't a hard thing.

The front of the machine

The power button on the side

The lid and the top of the container
The manual is nicely made, with a good accurate reading and also giving a link to a video as a help on how to do it, that is impressive I must admit.

The first 2 pages

The Simple yet detailed manual

The final 2 pages

Setting it up:

So, placing the container on the base, then it was a case of following the instructions. It turns out you will need. 

  • 3 lids of salt (i meant that lid that comes at the top when measuring. 
  • up to 1 litre of syrup and or drink
  • at least 3 trays of ice cubes. (buying a bag of ice might be easier) 
  • 80 ml of water
  • plenty of time to spare. 
Now watch the video that the makers have put about it 

But I hardly had enough Ice and didn't pour enough juice inside of it. But the peaks were there and the timing was quite rightish.

Setting it up

That churning ice

A small mix 

The Mix later on

Time to get a slurp:

Well after waiting 15 minutes, it was time for me to taste it since i saw the peaks. But since i didn't use much of the ice as I was told to, then it was actually not going to be a nice as I thought, but this was NO FAULT of the PRODUCT. So I drank it and I tasted it and there was strong orange squash and a salty taste as well. But switching the mode to dispense was quite good too, that is a handy thing, no problems with it being dispensed in that regard. 

The slush in the cup dispenser 

The Slush-ish in the Cup

The  taste was not as nice as I was expecting but that was again not the product but the ingredients I used, aka lack of Ice. But if I did get told that I would need a bag of ice, that would of been more helpful and a higher rating for the machine.With this in Mind. 

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The Good Points: 

  • Actually licensed by Slush Puppie
  • Nice Cups
  • Detailed Guide
  • Brilliant Packaging
  • A nice amount to make if needed of slush

The Bad Points: 

  • Slightly Higher than what it could of been priced
  • No syrups included
  • The manual forgets to tell you that you need a BAG of ICE
  • If your not patient, this is not for you. 

And there you have it, a review of a Slush Puppie Machine, I never thought I would end up doing something like this and well, Its done now and eventually I can have cold slushes after a long day at work or if we have a heatwave in 2018. But for now, I will see what i can do for reviews.