Monday, 13 May 2019

Slush Puppy Iceee Blue Raspberry

So, this was needed to review when I saw them in Tescos for £3.00 from the cycle day vlog last week. But this is some special flavour I HAD to try.

But after bumps on the road and busy times with failed dates. We finally got this reviewed. The video is below:

Insert Video here.

The Packaging. 

The design is on point with how Slush Puppie market their products, the red and white text, the blue and white colours mixed and Carnival-style design is in full squish here The labelling is quite nice and this also gives me a vibe of the Tango ice lollies from Poundland a few years back. But its quite easy. 

The front of the box 

The side of the box 

The back of the box with all the details 

The top of the box

When I opened it, the packets were in three and shaped like a Capri-sun, but it was frozen solid. This meant I had to wait for about 20 minutes or so for it to dry, which gave me a heart to heart with S. The design was the same as the front and back of the box too. So no change there.

The front of the drink

The back of the Drink

The taste. 

After it had defrosted, I decided to suck and slurp, it was a nice flavour, a slightly different due to the no sugar but was nice. But my tongue got stuck in the plastic cap which is a shame. But that was also the annoyance of part of the ice would not crush inside, but maybe that was from the thing being too frozen maybe. 

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All in all, it is a nice cold drink, this could prove popular later on this year and unless I get the slushie machine working, this will have to do but it's nice for the cheap.

omracer's rating: 7/10

The Good Points: 

  • Nice flavour
  • cold and refreshing
  • easy to setup
  • Reasonable price in a multi-box
  • could work to cool the backdown

The Bad Points: 

  • Can only be bought in Tesco
  • Not sold separately
  • Can hurt the tongue when sucking
  • Not all the ice is easy to crush even after 25 min of room temperature to let it settle

Now I will try to review but I will be on holiday and getting new vlogs done. 


Thursday, 4 April 2019

Gamdias Hermes RGB GKB1050

This was a feeling in work to get something I actually wanted and well Mechindal Keyboards are a trend, from the clicking sounds on Torchy's Blackwidow, it made me want to find a good value mech with the MX blue and well, Gamdias I've heard of before so it was time to really explore and the Value on Christmas weekend was good, So I bought 2 for work, both struggled to sell and my time to try one was upon me. The value of this does change over time, but its a good value. Enjoy the Review.

The Packaging

The box is clear, professional and nicely laid out, the keyboard in full view on the front, the main features on the right-hand side, the sides have more features and the Gamdias logo, the back is full of the specs in different languages and even the tech specs and barcodes. 

The Front of the Box

The bottom side of the box

The top side of the box

The back of the box. 

Then we have to use a sharp knife to get this opened, then in front of me was the keyboard in the opaque cover, which was then the way to lift it up and then the cardboard lifts up and the sticker, manual and key remover. But it was a heavy keyboard indeed.

Inside the box

The box contained:
  • 1 x Keyboard
  • 2 x Stickers
  • 1 x Quickstart guide
The Keyboard was amazing, like heavy and also the cable was much longer than the Nemesis Kane Pro.  Which that keyboard was responsive but was getting dirty, broken and that sound and colour was boring now. But the cable tidy's were amazing as well. The guide had some notes on what keys to press for different functions as well which gives a good indication on what to do with the keyboard, the keys can be self-explanatory as well.

A look at the keyboard. 

The top corner of the keyboard

The gamdias logo underneath the keys on the wrist rest. 

Underneath the Keyboard
The guide and the stickers

The English Pages of the instructions 

 Connecting and testing. 

So it was then time to actually get it plugged i, which actually on my Steambox, was to get old Nemesis Kane out of the way. Which the Kane was actually a bigger keyboard and some bigger keys, it was also not the best on the effects for playing games and the LED were quite meh, but now the Hermes can change to all the colours I want it to. So it was connected up, at first it did disconnect when I pressed the FN + F11 end but reconnecting it and worked nice and proper.

The keyboard in the new resting place for its new life

A purple glow by default 
the RGB Wave is the fave effect so far
But then it was time to install the HERA software (Windows only sadly), it was a quick way to really get into the vibe, sure it uses google drive to download but it was quick and easy to install, though you need admin privileges to appear on startup every time which can be a pain, maybe there's something with the Hermes pass server that we don't know about, but oh well. But the software shows you what the keyboard does nicely.
Getting the Keys assigned

Marcos for people that want them

The 1st panel for lighting 

then you can customize lighting for certain games 

the more scenes the lighting can do

You can assign keys to sounds which is pretty cool 

Even more sounds 

Timers to record

The FW version and more 

When typing the clicks actually make it accurate minus my clucking fat fingers and quite responsive too. Also it's ideal for rapid key pressing, like 3 million on Los Angeles shark from that which is pretty good.


Its a great keyboard and at the time, amazing value and almost even half price compared to the US pricing. Sure the keys might be smaller and a bit stiff to remove to swap but it makes thing easier and also the macro is handy for games to map the keys easier. 
The lighting makes it easier to get things done like from the cool effects to even getting the keys you need lit up. HERA is posh and unsure to the real reason it needs the internet minus FW updates but it's worth using,  maybe ideal for mac for some peoples sadly they cant use the HERA software. 

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The Good Points: 

  • Very good value
  • Really good build quality
  • That lovely clickiness of the Blue switch
  • HERA software is easy to work
  • A nice length of cable
  • Amazing RGB effects

The Bad Points: 

  • Keys can be stiff to remove view the remover
  • Keys can be quite small for chubby fingers. 
  • Might be hard to purchase in the UK 
  • Be careful with FN+ F11
  • The @ key is shown as Shift + 2 as per US Layout but the keyboard will act like " when that key is pressed if Windows is in UK language

More reviews might come soon but there will also be more blog posts if I get the time.


Friday, 15 February 2019

Peter's Seriously Tasty Chicken Tika Slice - Ready to Go

Well, its another review and chicken slices are a favourite of mine. So when I saw a new one which is made by a familiar firm, I decided to try it for lunch. Enjoy the rushed review:

The Slice

Its a nice bold design with black, white and purple to represent the bold and colour of india as usual. But hey its good and it can make it easier to spot in shelves and fridges. 

The front of the slice 

The back of the slice

Now as a slice, it looks as normal as it can be, its not too light but yet it's not burnt to a crisp either, but it wasn't in any cardboard slice which is a unique different compared with other slices but Peters have done this on the heinz slices before which is probably cutting down on the plastics that is the reason, but it is one nice cold slice to look at

The slice itself 

Lets Taste and Conclusion

Its got a nice flavour as i took a bite out of it, the chicken is chunky and the sauce is light and very much like the homepride sauce, but it does show the tastiness of it without the hassle of being too ful and having to COOK it to eat it, it also wasn't leaking out of the side like some slices do. But it was so good, especially with an apple juice after. But its one of those meals i do like.

All in all, this is something somewhat worth it for a quick meal, but its something better.

omracer's Rating: 8/10

The Good:

  • Reasonable Value
  • Nice tasty chicken
  • Nice sauce,
  • Not leaking out of the pastry
  • in shops that are not supermarkets
  • Not much waste from it
  • Not too filling

The Bad: 

  • The appearance inside might put some people off
  • Some people think this is cheap food and won't touch it yet they feel skint when they are hungry
That's about it, 2 reviews done in a week, that's not bad going at all to be fair. More reviews might come soon. 


Mayhem Funtech GPS Cable Micro

This review came about at the end of the time I was stood up from my 5th Date. Now Menkind I was in there to look at beer bongs for funnel feeding of all things but I found this instead and decided it was ideal for me to try out for a Reduced Price tag of £4.97. But this is a hard cable to get since not even Amazon has it.

The Packaging.

It's a nice standard cable packaging size, with the clear text in red on a silver/white background and big simple words to add the attention to it. The sides of the box say the length of the cable which is only 1m and also shows the icon for the iPark app its supposed to work with.

The GPS Cable on the front 

The back of the GPS Cable

AS we unpack it, there isn't much to go by, like not even and INSTRUCTION MANUAL, just the background of the map of some city and also the plastic the cable was placed in, which is okay but some people really would struggle to use this, it slightly implied you need to connect this to the car or some sort of power to make it work. But it does look like it should though, the cable is a reversible cable which is useful but still nothing makes it easier since that can break easily.

The connector is reversible

Its a short cable

How it plugs into the Phone

A Setup

Well, I got the app from the playstore, its a free app and a 2.8 rating so we know people say its bad from the get-go. The screenshots are not that accurate either minus one. 

The app on the playstore

I installed it no problem and it was interesting since it needed access to my location (which is on battery saving aka network only and that did NOT class as location)  so it sort of avoided the point of using the GPS from the actual CABLE in the case of my phone. But hey, it would of been useful on a phone i had many years ago.. But well things go as they are. 

Bluetooth being paired but it never got paired actually

The app only does this. Not even the share works.

Then it managed to CRASH when I clicked on share like really it just crashed, which is typical. So maybe I wasn't going to have luck with this. Glass didn't find it in settings either.  

The Test. 

Well, I fitted it to a bike using a solar powerbank and well it didn't work. Mi fit was using the GPS of the phone. So cycling to my client in brentor was going to be not using it. But then I had to cycle somewhere different and that did seem like it was working at first. 

The cable and power bank

Another view. 
So I then cycled to another customer and from that, I tried it and it seems to work at first. But as I was going up a hill, I noticed it didn't even move on mi fit map, so it basically doesn't work via the Bluetooth GPS, it did disconnect and reconnect often, especially with notifications.

Because of this, I stopped at a garage to end the review. 

The Conclusion, 

Let's be honest, its basically a USB cable that reverses as far as my opinion goes. 

omracer's Rating: 3/10

The Good: 

  • Reversible micro usb cable#
  • it's braided

The Bad: 

  • The app doesn't work properly
  • No battery for the GPS
  • Doesn't work with google glass

That is is for this tech review, i will be possibly reviewing a mech keyboard soon if i get time as well as a capture card and might do more food reviews as well. Enjoy feburary.