Saturday, 17 October 2020

Asus VP247HAE 23.6" LED Monitor

 Okay, this one has been a long time coming, since a few months ago for a day in the life, some deal was purchased during a day in the life.  But these had some good value to them and well were meant to be used for work but actually now with the shop in my life and also needing to start the second job more, it was a good time to set them up. The video is below: 


The Packaging.

Now this eco-friendly box, (yes it does say this on the box interestingly enough but the is some clear bit of text which makes it clear what this is and well, it also got the decent handle for needing to lift it too. 

The front of the box

The side of the box with the serial and things 

The other side of the box 

The back of the box 

A better look at the 3 year warranty.

The time to open the Box:

We open the box up with the slice and also see the cables and that attached. With the lovely range of cables such as 

  • 1 x European kettle lead
  • 1 x UK Kettle lead 
  • 1 x VGA Cable
  • 1 x Stand
  • 1 x Bag of manuals and warranty documents 
  • 1 x Hinge cover (was meant to be on monitor) 
The packaging did see some tears and well that is from the fact its been under a desk for a fair 3 months or so.

A Bg of the cable  aka the UK kettle lead 

The back of the hinge cover 

The front of the Hinge cover 

The European Kettle Lead  

The VGA Cable 

Then it was time to see the manual, showing the variations of the model for the monitor.

The vip members club

The safety information 

The front of the manual 

The insides of the manual, showing how it connects 

The last page of the manual

The Monitor itself

Then we look at the Stand and the screen itself. Then it was actually partly sealed, But it was nice to see and it does look alot bigger than I expected as well, but then again this is a 23.6" monitor so I was not expecting.

The monitor in the foam 

A dutster look at the monitor 

The buttons 

The Asus 

The HDMI Port and VGA Port 

The same ports and the Kettle 

The bottom of the stand 

The back of the monitor 

Then it was the time to see how the stand is, it does look like it can make some nice sturdy base. 

The top of the stand

The bottom of  the stand

Then we finally get to see how it starts and works and fits together. 

Setting up the Monitor. 

Well, this should be pretty simple, it was, clip the stand to the monitor, which actually the screwing was the hardest part, But eventually, it was fitted in 

more of the bottom stand 

When it comes to the cables, it's easier to plug the cables in with the long distance on the back so the cables are not tight by the edge like some monitors have.

The cables in the back of the monitor 

The bracket fitted 

The monitor after the stand was screwed on 

The monitor when ready for Testing.

The Tests 

Now when it comes to the tests, this is a 60hz screen so as far as I know it, which was confirmed to me when the first test was underway. 

Testing #1: Laptop.

Now this was a simple plug and play and the recommended resolution appears very quickly, so it knows its the correct one, in the end, Now with this, the screen looked nice and clear as crystal, with the sharpness showing and much easier to read the text then a TV, there always has been better clarity with monitors for some reasons. But the response was really nice and the screen could easily tint if I wanted to use the reduction of blue light etc. 

No Picture as the laptop booted up 

The duplicate display works out of the box aka after plugin 

Then Extend works 

If I wanted to change the resolution, there was a fair list of options to change it and downscale to even as little as 320 x 240 if needed, so that means there is the choice for people to enjoy, but if the screen feels too small, you can increase the display scale on windows anyway. When playing games on it, it feels responsive and smooth to see as things go. 

Test #2: Playstation 4: 

Well, one thing is that a 1080p HDMI Monitor means it can easily plus in consoles, and this was no exception. When it booted up to the main menu, it felt and looked amazing. Which really shows how good monitors can be. Especially as it saw the clear text and just more clarity.

The PS Logo

The output on 720p

The lowest resolution 

The crispest Resolution

When it comes down to it, games felt easy and responsive to play on but still looking beautiful, plus even though there is no sound the best the is that can be worked around due to the way headsets work with the Dualshock 4 so, that means you can focus when playing. 

The menus and settings:

Then once a good thing is that the buttons are easier to press and ASUS make the icons easy to find as well. The menu does make it clear to see what each is, the blue light filter and even the modes such as game mode and even the standard controls. 

The brightness

More the menu 

Then you see the modes

The source input

Extra mides suc has Game Plus 


Now to be fair, this has a lot of potentials and it can make it sure of the way of being able to be productive or even being able to thrash a few games of fall guys. for FPS I would say its not ideal. 

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The Good Points: 

  • a nice big screen
  • Good Value 
  • HDMI Connection
  • 1080p Resolution
  • Crisp screen quality 

The Bad Points:

  • The power comsuomotion can be quite high
  • The resonse times could be better instead of 5ms
  • No sound or even passthrough to headphones 

Well that's most of the reviews done this year until Christmas possibly. But things will be there to catchup soon. Until then...


Thursday, 8 October 2020

NuSkin AP24 Fluoride Toothpaste

 Well, this is a surprise review that well took about a week for it to be tested properly, this was after i saw an Instagram influencer I follow advertise this, now I did not contact or order it from her, but Saw it on eBay for the cost of £10.79. So it arrived and it was time to eventually plan to review it: 

The Packaging: 

Well, this is actually something of a simple Green and white design, which does have a beauty model influence which is similar to a body shop or similar brands, but it does have the descriptions and ingredients and small text of the uses and risks of this. The little thank you label was a bright touch as well. 

The front of the Box and the thank you label 

The top of the box 

The bottom of the box 

the guidelines on the small print
The ingredients and company info 

Then it was time to open the box and see the paste tube to see what info was written on it, which actually the information was about the same as the box but only a bit clearer. 

The front of the Tube 

The back of the Tube 

Then it was time for the tests: 

The Test of paste: 

Test #1: How it looks: 

Like some pastes are different colours and most are white, well this is just a plain white one. Which in looks means there might not be any advantage for this. but its just sort of proving its the colour it supposed to make your teeth. 

This is the paste on the toothbrush

Test #2: Cleaning and taste: 

So actually when I was using it, I did feel the breath was a bit nice than some of the other brands i've used, not too minty and strong but there was some freshness there. 

Cleaning the teeth

Now, this was the final bit to finally check, well results over the chance of 7 days. 

With the results of the first time using, it won't show any in that regard, so the plan was to test it out for twice a day for 7 days and see if it works out to show any improvement. 

I'll be honest and say that there was not much improvement in the week of using it, but there were times I felt that it was starting to improve in that regard. since of the indication of the teeth did very slowly seem to go whiter but maybe it was the light reflection at night that seemed to say actually yeah, it is doing its job, maybe thats the results people were expecting and not actual white teeth. But with day 2 i did forget to brush the teeth on 

Day 1

Day 2

Now when it came to day 3, I did feel a bit of a pain on my left side of the mouth, which for some reason did draw a bit of blood, but other toothpastes used have tended to cause me to get some more bleeding but this seemed to have less bleeding on the gums than other toothpaste, like some brands will cause bleeding daily, but this one was just the once in that regard. 

Day 3

Day 4

When it came to day 5, the pain on my left side seemed to actually fade or not be noticeable at all in the most part, like yeah there is less pain now than compared to the past 2 days of using it from that teeth. 

Day 5

Now the last 2 days were pretty much as normal and less chance of any pain with the teeth. Like we did not have to worry about it. But as you see, there was a little improvement of how the teeth were becoming whiter. 

Day 6

Then the final day was the day to compare results, which it looks like no change, I feel when I look in the mirror, there is no change but you can see how you think there might be change below: 

Day 7 


Well, this is not in my good books for the current time, thats for sure, even a week or 2 after this review was filmed, I still don't see an improvement in the use of the toothpaste which makes me realise how many people have been scammed out of money from influencers regarding the essence of teeth whitening. 

omracer's Rating: 4/10

The Good: 

  • Breath does feel a small bit fresher
  • Less blood when I clean teeth with it

The Bad:

  • Very overpriced
  • No information on why its better than others on the packet
  • No improvement in short term results

Well, that is mostly it for the review to catch up on, There might be some next month but we will see. 

See you soon,