Saturday, 23 May 2020

Amazfit Bip S

Well, this was one of those Covid19 purchases and also the frustration of how Bad the Redmi Note 7 GPS has been with me since Reviewing it and well, it was time to finally get a watch that can have GPS built i9n and well I did some research and found the AmazFit Bip S which works with the same app as the mi Band 4 so no change to learn and is the quality of it better, we can find out.

for reference, the Redmi Note 7 does a walk like this 

The costs were £65 from the Amazfit Store on Ali Express and actually from Spain it was actually 1 week delivery with no customs to pay. It was finally time to explore and the video is below:

Outer Packaging. 

Well, the first thing I will say is that we actually have 2 boxes to talk about and not just the one, the first one it was showing when I received it as a nice amazfit logo inside the box and also a nice safety design to make sure the watch is protected. 

The top of the outer box 

Details about the seller and the SKU 

Inside the box with the Amazfit logo 

The creator of the outer box 

The Inner Packaging 

Then we look to the inner box which really does have the modern charm to it, like seriously modern vibes and well it gives a good chance of how striking it is, With the black design and the features of the watch clearly stated, it makes things much easier to see the features, the sides of the boxes are clean and plain so nothing to worry about there.

The front of the Box 

The left side of the box 

The bottom side of the box 

The Top of the box 

The right side of the box 

As we look to the back of the box, it will tell you the specs and more details and patents the watch uses. Then it was time to open the box 

The back of the box 

Inside the box 

Now, this was actually simpler than I was expecting, only 3 things included in this regard, 

  • The watch itself
  • The charger
  • The tiny Manual
Which the presentation here is top-notch with pull tabs and the manual and charger shaped to fit the box which really does make you feel how much attention to detail is paid for this, 

The inner box and the outer box next to it 

The watch in its box and the inner box 

Take the watch out and the shell of the inner box 
 The charger was on the left-hand side and the manual was on the right-hand side, both shaped to fit each side.

The charger

The manual 

Both of the parts 
Then it was time to enjoy the watch and see how it feels on me 

The Watch: 

The look and feel: 

Well this actually feels light and not too plastic, yes some reviewers say its cheap material, but it really does give a nice well-designed vibe which has nice plastic and not very rubbery for me. The screen looks crystal clear and bigger than you could expect a normal watch would have. As well there actually there is a dual locking mechanism which actually is better than the miband series and other watches I've had since the normal one is rubber-based, but the second one is on the extra bit which gives an extra firm grip on my wrist/arm.

The screen with the film protector on 

A look at part of the strap 

The other look at the strap 

Peel the film off for the screen

How the strap looks on the front aka stretched out 

How it looks on the right wrist 

The Setup. 

Now, this is different. First, it turned on with 90% battery and was in Russian for the setup but Mi Fit did not accept the QR Code, but the Amazfit app did open up and also it lets me scan the QR Code, now the fun part is that it does for the mi band 4 to be removed or un-paired from the Phone. 

The Pairing Process
Then it took 10 minutes for the firmware upgrade and settings up, which actually is not a long process if left alone but for a time crucial day mine was, this can be annoying but worth it n the long run.

The final part to setup

Then it was finally open on the Amazfit app and actually, it was then time to uninstall the app and use the Mi Fit App since it was compatible with it and well the rest of the review is based on using that app, Siucne it still lets me download watch faces and also track workouts and notifications.

The amazfit settings (Mi Fit also uses the same menu layout) 

Then it was time for this watch to be navigated and tested 

The Tests: 

Getting around the watch, 

So you can swipe around and also press the button to access the menu, which many different ones appear such as weather, status, workout and even the settings for lock screen and more. Sometimes you have to press the button to access the many features of the Bip S.

The Bip S with the time and the glare 

Showing the Time and heartrate 

Press the button and the settings appear 

Swipe up or down to get more 

Then the workout options part 1

More workout options 

And even more 

When working out, hold the power button to get this 

How it fits on with my jumper 

But then it was time to do the testing.

The tests: 

Testing 1: Being outside

Well, it actually was a brighter screen than I would expect, since when I was in the garden and when going on exercises or just looking during the day so I did not have to worry about the squinting to see where I was going. On the video, it does not look as bright but when I tried it in real life I was amazed. 

The watch in the sunlight 

Testing 2: #dogwalkingwithomracer using the watch alone 

This was fun one but actually, it worked, like I could see how it performed and my heart rate as well as the time at the top corner which three mi band 4 did not let me see the time when on an exercise, and even a bit of running and my heart rate was rising up as well. 
Showing how bright it can be
It shows 

Even when the dog just wants to play ball

The walk on the watch after i ended it 

The tracking was much more consistent with the watch alone

Testing 2: A work run on the watch itself 

Then due to work, something had an idea to happen. So I had to run from somewhere to another place after a visit commenced and well the run did push me to a nice 4 minutes but actually, It managed to record the run but there was a bit less accuracy but the consistency was amazing for sure.

Testing 3: #Dogwalkingwithomracer with the Mi Fit App 

So for this test, I did a walk on the app to see if it was still as good GPS, well actually this is what confused me when I started it like this made me question if it was going to work, for starters it seems like it would walk properly 

The start of the Walk in distance 

It shows a clear path on the map 

As I walked further with the sunny views and catching up with mum, I found it was not actually behaving the way I wished it to. 

the views at 7:30-pm is 

Even in the mid-evening, it still shines brightly  

So it the end  of the walk and the Remi Note 7 GPS was being used I can gather from how the data looked, this worried me but actually then again since the watch can start a workout without the phone, this was the end of the stress of tracking....or was it

That accuracy 

Testing #4: Water 

Well, it worked in the bath okay and the water has not affected it and I'm not that confident of a swimmer to dive 50m just yet. 

in the bath

Testing #5: Bike Rides for work

Well, this was a nice 10 hours to really put it to the test, with over 8 rides to do for different places, it was time to see how my heart rate and also the tracking would go and well. It pulled it off, I mean it did keep the road and also it really can show how intense the heart rate was. Mi fit does take its time to sync but all of these rides were done with the Amazfit itself. 

You can see it pushed me at some points to the heart-wise at 188bpm but it showed how much exercise I can do a day if I push it, which well work is picking up so time to cycle and run around more it seems. 

Testing #6: Battery Life & notifications 

Well since it uses Bluetooth it can get anticipation from the phone,. Whatsapp messages are nice and yes it does not show emoji since my someone special I mess and want to be serious with if things work out right after seeing her in November messages me on there and the emoji in her name does not appear. Instagram messages do appear and comment to and they are easy to read. 

In terms of battery life, Well when it shipped it had 90% and currently as I type this, the battery life is 49% as of midnight on 24/05/20 and that means its been 40% drop in 4 days, which is not bad and only 1 of them was an intense day of working out and the other was to set up and update the firmware which can be draining.

Well actually for me it lasts 6 days and 3 Hours, Since i was working with the same type of bike rides as the tests and it cut out on me halfway on the day about 2pm. I put it on charge for 3 hours and it went to 100% but used 4% with a quick dogwalking on Wednesday morning


All in all, this watch will be a statement on how I run around, I mean this would have been the perfect time for the times I ran from Akeley to Silverstone and the times I even ran from Plymouth to Tavi from nights out as well as a half marathon that I might do in October. But its made me less stressed at using the phone for the thing and improves the battery life on the phone too. All in all...

omracer's Rating: 9/10

The Good Points: 

  • Under double the price of the cost of the Mi Band 4 normally aka £65
  • Lightweight
  • Nice bright screen
  • GPS 
  • GPS that actually works and does not disappear halfway through a workout
  • Not rubbing the skin due to metal bracket
  • vibration is strong
  • Nice design 
  • Delivery was quick and less than a week
  • Works with the Same app as the Mi Band 4

The Bad Points: 

  • Very new so might not be easy to get this from UK online shops since confusion between Bip and Bip S 
  • GPS can be slightly off accurate say not on the road but very minor that can be. 

Well, that was another review, there will be more in June with another Maibenben and even more food and drink I hope. Now its time to end a day and also its made me skip a fair bit of work which does need to be done at one point.