Monday, 4 April 2016

Silvercrest Mini Chopper

So, for a change, its time for another review. This time its a mini chopper from lidl that i saw on my way home from work and decided to get it along with some other bits of shopping. Costing £9.99. It was time to get the cold drinks in for summer (since this was advertised as an ice crusher) with the help of this. The video is below:

The Packaging.

This time the box is black to contrast the colour of the actual chopper, which was lime green (there was a pink option but stereotyping). And there was quite a bit of logo based advertising to show what the product does. The front and back had different things to show that ice and vegetables can be crushed. The top had the turbo button shown on it. 

The front of the box

The back of the box

The sides of the box showing features of it

The top of the box

The bottom of the box

The Insides 

Opening the box and it was tighly packed with cardboard and the manual, the bottom and the blade along with the whippinig cream bit attached. But it makes sense since its not really a complex product. The manual was clear but had more EU safety guidelines than actually how to use it, the measurements of what to use was handy though. 

Showing all whats inside

The manual part 1

The manual part 2

The manual part 4

The final part of the manual (for english readers anyway) 

A look at the motor to crush the insides

The blade along with the whipping thing attached

Info about the motor and the importer

The bottom where the food and ice goes in along with measurements

Testing it.

So with this in mind, i followed the instructions and put 100g of ice in there and then put it in the jug, taken the whipping bit out and put the blade in and then i tried to get it to lock, it doesn't lock so its somewhat similar to a push to work mechanism. The sound was deafening and but it choopped the ice up into slush style, which was a odd look but it was nearly stuck to the jug which made scraping it out quite tricky to put into a glass for orange squash and lemonade.. It did make the drink cold but didn't make it nicer than normal ice in the glass. 

After drinking the squash, the ice was at the bottom 


To be fair this is a simple product but it did the job i wanted it to, it was different than i thought it would be but meh, I can't complain. 

omracer's Rating: 6/10

The good points: 

  • Cheap
  • Quick
  • Can crush ice
  • Looks nice with the colour

The bad Points:

  • the ice crushed can stick to the jug
  • its ear rapingly loud

Hope you enjoyed the review and there might be a few more in the coming weeks.