Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Pokka Aloe Vera Grape Juice

Well, with a Approved Food Haul being in place, things were looking nice, since Aloe vera juice I always had to keep up to keep me going, maybe even lose some lbs but never the less, it was a nice drink that appeared in the order. Some Pokka Aloe Vera Grape Juice. The cost of it was £0.33 a can so the price might be worth it, or will it be...
The video is below:

The approved Food Haul

The Can

Well the Can was designed in White, green and purple. It was plain but also it was colourful in the logo. But hey, things go nicely. The can was a 300ml one, which is a bit less than what most cans contain for that size. There was a hint of purple for the grape and also light faded green for that. There is also a stick for the British health info and the ingredients as well. 

The front of the can

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The bottom of the can

The Tasting. 

It was actually a normal still can of aloe Vera juice, the colour was the same as the ones from Holland and Barrett, more pulp than the Poundland ones and well it was familiar in the few ways. I poured it into a bailey's glass to show off the effect of it. 

The drink

When i gulped it down, it didn't taste any difference to aloe Vera juice at all, no strong taste of grape, maybe a low key taste to it. But it felt like Aloe Vera juice in a can, well it was that pretty much. 

The Conclusion: 

All in all, it was a standard feel to this can of aloe vera. 

omracer's Rating: 6/10

The Good Points: 

  • Aloe Vera Juice in a can.
  • VERY good value for money from Approved Food.
  • Easier to have a chilled refreshing drink.

The Bad Points: 

  • Can be hard to find in shops.
  • The taste of grape is not there.
  • The normal price would not be worth it for this can.

Well that was it for this review, there will be more from the Approved Food  Haul to review soon. 

Monday, 22 January 2018

USB OTG Hub Charger

Another one you ask, well its a mini review of something the next stage up for a OTG cable. IF you remember the OTG hub from last year, which i had to sell to a customer in a rush. . This was actually from Banggood, the same place as the Redmi 4 and Mi Band 2. Since its a quick one, no video on this.

The Packaging. 

In all honesty, its a white sleeve with the cable and a stick with the stock code. Plain, simple and not much clearer than that. 

A look from the top of the packet

Another look at the packet

Once opened, it shown that the cable was a bit stiff and it has a Micro USB input as well as the hub and a switch.

The OTG Cable. 

Once opened, it shown that the cable was a bit stiff and it has a Micro USB input as well as the hub and a switch. There is a LED light underneath it which can be either red or blue too. Thats the basics

The side of the hub 

The Micro USB Port. 

Now the options for the switches are: 

1: OTG Hub Function

This allows you to use up to 4 usb thingys (devices, like cameras, mice, keyboard etc) into your tablet at the same time. This does not let you charge it. 
As per the site, it is supposed to work with the following devices: 
  • Acer W4-820
  • Asus M80TA - This will not show the charging symbol
  • Asus T100TA - This will charge and allow you to use the hub AT THE SAME TIME) 
  • Lenovo Mix 2 8"
  • Lenovo Mix 3 10

2: OTG + Charge.

Now This one is supposed to  allow you to have the Hub and charge it at the same time with alot more tablets such as: 
  • Dell V8P
  • Teclast Range of Tablets
  • Chuwi VX8 3G (running Windows 8.1) 
  • Onda V975i,  V975W (both Running Windows 8.1)
  • Onda V819i, V819W (both running windows 8.1)
  • Onda V891W
  • Livefan F8C
  • Asus ME400C
  • Ramos i8Pro
  • Vido W8C
  • Cube iWork 7, iWork 8
  • Ployer MOMO8W
  • PIPO W4, W5
  • Chuwi V10HD
  • ifive MX2
  • Colorful i818W
  • HP Stream 7 

3: OTG for Certain Models

This is a special variant that only works on the Toshiba WT8 or the Lenovo Thinkpad 8, there is no reason or why this happens, but it exists.

The Testing. 


Well its the one i did test with the other hub, but it did as it sort of should. Well it charged using switch 2 and switch 3 but switch one was using the OTG and no charge. aka this doesn't actually work with OTG and Charging at the same time. 

it gives charge

OTG not working with switch 2

OTG does work with switch 1 


It was the same again to be fair, but it was also the need to install the drivers from the USB drive so it could not last long on power and it did switch off with the hub plugged in on switch 1, switch 2 did charge it back up again but sadly the OTG does not work on this mode. 

Installing drivers with the help of the OTG Charger 
Its charging on the second switch. 


This is a slight improvement on the other OTG Hub but sadly the trick of it charging and using OTG at the same time is going to be a tricky one. I know i could change a settings in the bios to fix this but that will risk bricking the tablet and not accepting the charge. With that in mind

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The Good Points: 

  • 4 ports on the OTG
  • Stronger Cable 
  • Micro USB Port
  • 3 different Modes. 
  • Reasonable price

The Bad Points: 

  • Modes 2 and 3 DO NOT WORK on the Onda V919 Air CH and Xiaomi Redmi 4, they just CHARGE either device, mode 1 does OTG only for both devices. 
  • There could be signs of easily bending the Micro USB pin on the Hub (Not the port, the male connector) 
  • Can be more expensive if purchasing in the UK. 

And there goes another review, I will try to get more up this year but we will see with other projects and the like as well. 


Monday, 8 January 2018

USB LED Bike Lights

The start of 2018 and I know I will already be using the bike and it also needed a wash and look at, which on this cloudy yet DRY day (Monday 08th), I managed to get that done and also fit these bike lights. This is just the blogpost, its not really worth the video for this simple one.

The washed bike, which this review begins

The Packaging. 

This is actually a nice red and black style colour for the packaging, we have this cheaply translated feel to it, with a generic image of a cyclist on the front as well as a shot of the lights. But it also has the Pagao drive pro which i've never heard of before. But the box is nice to see what is in there as well as a nice feel to the design. The features are clearly shown on the side. The back feels very generic but there is CE approval and also Warning and  also a bad Instrutions appeared, also yes, that is how it was shown on the box.

The front of  Box

The side of the box

The top of the box

The back of the box

Inside the Box:

Inside the box is actually pretty nice with transparent casing and it also has a basic amount inside like 2 Micro USB Cables, the rubber straps and also the 2 lights with clips on. 

The outside of the box with the stuff packed in

the kit in the box is now out

Fitting it. 

Its actually quite interesting, you fit the small part of the hook on the back of the lights with the mini ledge pushing it in, Then it wraps around the bike, then it gets put on, no biggie. But it worked fine for me. 

The bike on the front

The back light
There is a bright light that comes from this which surprised me on this. The night would make it bright as f and it was a good sign for any night biking. The button is at the top and the usb port is hidden away at the bottom. 

The Lights on

The back light lit

Another of the front shot

The back light USB Port

How the USB 


Getting the straps off and charging is pretty simple, but it has a small led light that is shown when charging. That adds a nice touch. 
Charging the cables 


This looks like a Chinese import but actually does what it says on the tin and can be a nice bike light for mah bike. 

omracer's Rating: 8/10.

The good Points: 

  • The fact that its USB
  • Bright lights
  • Easy to strap on
  • quite sturdy 

The Bad Points: 

  • The box is poorly written
  • The strap might be hard to fit if your not good at a guess. 
  • can be hard to find 

I will get more reviews done soon this year.