Sunday, 10 September 2017

Aqprox Micro USB OTG Hub

Another tech Review, so this one is more related to the ONDA V919 Tablet which actually works nice for my new job, android working fine for selling items, Windows working fine for basic usage and printing, but the problem is that Its only working when plugged in or not very long on the battery, this means that a Hub would be needed to charge and use other devices at the same time. I hoped that this little hub might help, lets see:

I bought this from a supplier from work, But Amazon have it for around £7.00.

The Packaging:

Now this is a nice and small, the design is ok, white and green but one problem is that getting the thing open will need scissors which is never good for some tech products. Blister packaging is like that. 
The front

The back 

The packaging cut

How it looks

Its simple, plain, 2 ports either side. The usual, Shame there is no micro usb port for passing through power.  The cable isn't that strong looking either. 

The top of the Hub

The underneath

The Testing: 

There are the tests of seeing what works and what doesn't. Since the Onda is a DUAL OS, i did test both. Android worked nicely with it for mice and keyboards, I will be testing a printer soon as well. 
I also tested a USB A to A cable which hopes to pass power through to the hub and maybe the tablet, sadly this did NOT WORK. But it powered the devices on the hub. 


Plugged into Android

The LED on the hub


This was a bit more testing, the mouse worked, even when it recovery mode. But When trying a USB Ethernet Adapter, it proved too much for it, even with the tablet at 88% battery, it just shut off. But USB Drives, Mice and keyboards and a printer would work fine. Just the power some devices need is more than the tablets circuits, (this tablet is a nightmare for OTG anyway) 

The USB Drive 

Thins might be interesting with it, but it might get away with problems for this tablet. But all that in  mind:

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The Good Points: 

  • 4 port micro usb hub (gonna say it since its a good thing)
  • Works on Windows and Android
  • nice blue LED
  • USB Power can be used for it via a A to A Cable
  • Even ports on either side

The Bad Points: 

  • The cable looks very weak, a micro usb extension might be a safe bet for it
  • No Micro usb port to pass through charge to the tablet or phone 

More reviews might be up and there was meant to be more videos to but rain is a mess.