Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Chef Select Chicken Nuggets and Dips

Its been a bit sparse for Reviews. Which I have had in my mind but with videos being planned and also games to finish, it has been put off. But when shopping recently, I found a idea for a new review. Which here goes. A review of chicken nuggets for £1.69.

The Box. 

It felt like a Mcdonalds box, with the purple backgrounds and golden font and big letters, it made me instantly think of what i saw a Mcds box (from videos since i've not been in there for a long time). But it felt like the real deal.

The front of the box

The side of the box

anoither side of the box with the expiry date and bar codes

another side to the box

the back of the box

The inside of the box

Then we open the box to find the small Mcdonalds looking dips with odd translations and also the bag of nuggets. Its interesting the German name was used on the sweet n sour one. 

inside the box

the front of the dips and nuggets

the back of the nuggets and the dips

Cooking the nuggets

The time to cook them is actually under 15 minutes which is nice. Making sure the pan was on a high heat with oil and then it was ready to serve, I did get the pan hot enough before starting this too. The dips were heated up by hot water. 

cooking #throughglass

The tasting, 

So we now get to the part where we taste them, now the nuggets were quite nice, basic tasting with the nice nuggets when hand fried. The dips were enticing, now the sweet and sour was actually different looking but a odd tangy taste to it. The curry dip was a nice taste, it felt like curry sauce but with a overdose of curry powder. But it was nice to dip into it. The peanut butter was amazing to have it dipped into though, thats all i'm going to say about it. 


This was a nice snack, the dips could have improvement but thats about it. 

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The Good Points:

  • This is good value
  • Easy to cook
  • Nice amount of nuggets for normal eaters
  • 2 dips

The Bad Points: 

  • The dips could taste better
  • The dips can fit a nugget just about

Well thats the reviews for this month, now we take to the next month near christmas, controller reviews and other things.