Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2

This has been alot longer than I would have liked it to be. But we finally have the last product to review. The Mi Scale, Purchased for £39.99 from Mi Store London and then shocked as I saw it on the Online Mi Store for £24.99 and was annoyed I missed out on a £15 saving, please note this lowers the score for this review. The Video is below:

The Packaging. 

It's actually very simplistic and very Apple Esque in its packaging, an image of the scale on the front, some symbols on the site and also the detailed info on the back like the model and the info on hows its made and the different languages it supports.

The top of the box 

The front of the box 

The only images on the sides of the box

a look at the back of the box 
We open it up and its a really nice touch on how to actually remove the scale, it's covered up like a pair of jigsaw puzzles which is a cool touch to remove, then inside its the scale first, then a small box underneath with the manual and warranty guide. 

The jigsaw cover

The top of the scale

Underneath the scale

The box that was hidden if the scale was still there 

Inside the box were these two booklets

The scale and the box of the scale, side by side 

Then it was time to get it setup

Time to Insert and Pair

Well, this felt easy and actually, after finding 2 pairs of batteries, I got it turned on, went to Mi Fit and then all I had to do was to step on the scale and it would pair it, sounds simple/.  


Well, actually I had to put it on the hard surface in the bathroom for it to pair it properly. So with bare feet on the scale in the bathroom, it paired and it worked.

The results, 

It showed me info about where my fat is and muscle and all that which is quite incredible and rare and never shown about that before, of course, this is aimed at a slimmer population so I won't get off easy on my weight but well thats for a different thing aside. 

Also, it let you pair with different phones so I linked mine to it and my mums to it so she can weigh in for her diet, and I can weigh to see if exercise can help with it all instead of a diet as per. say. a Phone reboot was needed but it all worked fine after. 

Weight of items 

If you step on the scale with one foot, then it will let you weigh items and it let me weight a bottle of lemonade which was only about 3.7lbs. So that feature is useful. 


Well this is an amazing concept and It got the weakness of the value for it, I wanted it so badly I kicked common sense and could have saved £10 to £15 on it, But Xiaomi didnt put it on their own online store until a week before Christmas, that was annoying. But as a scale, it does a fantastic job for what you get, The annoying part is that there is no built-in battery to charge, but just uses AAA which are not included and I even got some Panasonic Batteries from work to use it will last me a while. 

omracer's Rating: 6/10

The Good Points: 

  • Works with the Mi Fit App so no separate needed for something like just being happy with a saved route without leaving the battery life to di with the screen on all the time. 
  • It weights me nice and accurately when on a hard floor like I used to with old scales but no remember the number then forgetting it like 20 minutes later. 
  • It can weigh objects

The Bad Points:

  • It was expensive when I got it but kicking myself 
  • No Batteries are included

There we are, the Xiaomi Trilogy is done, now this was alot longer than I liked it to be but its all done and a nicer lifestyle might be ahead but we shall seem 

More reviews coming up maybe in summer 


Monday, 10 February 2020

Xiaomi Smart Band 4

Well, after delays and alot of personal stuff (including issues with Paypal of all things) as well as work to make way for maybe more reviews this year and also to build up things. But the Trilogy of this review is just middle on this one. Enjoy a video on the Mi Band 4. Costing £34,99 from the Mi Store in London, it was close to getting it free with the Redmi note 8 (since i paid £149 for the Redmi Note 7 Plus 34.99 for the phone.

The Packaging. 

Actually the design is pretty much the vibe of the Band, with Black and white and it has the vibes of those features very well, It brings everything clear but there is some racist language on the back packaging. This causes it to be a bit of a problem if you notice it.

The Front of the Box 

The one side of the box 

The other side of the Box 

The back of the Box 
Then we open the box and inside is nicely laid out with 3 sections, the Charger, the Box and the band itself. It brings a chance of things.

The contants of the box 

The charger 

The manual 

Then we have to look at the band itself 

The band 

The band 

The bottom of the band with the sensors 

That was actually a nice way to see how it looks and its good how I learned on the way it works, such as having to wash the strap itself with Water, Not to use it in saunas either. But It was an easy way to remove the band from the strap of the pulling of the strap. Which then can dock in the charger easily.

The Band in the charger

Its charging from a powerbank 

Then it was time to Pair the band and make Mi Fit. 

The Setup. 

It was a case of installing Mi Fit and then making sure it has the permissions added in . Then I logged in and paired the band. It was actually easier than I thought. But in 10 minutes I was setup and ready to go. 

The Mi Band 4 is connected. 
But then we deal with a new app, The MiBand 4 Watch Face.  This will make it nice to look at so I went for  a Teletext style one. 

its weird how this works since you have to tap one of these to get the custom ones from that app into the Band. 

This I had to tap on a different icon to apply it but it then worked a treat.

The new Watch Face
Which then I could just swipe down and then tap to start a workout, which it tells me if the GPS is working, a nice bonus, Its a shame this does ot have built-in GPS so I can save battery life since its still 2% a run of 10 minutes for Running with like say Google Fit. 

The Tests: 

In Water: 

I tried it when having a bath and its really cool that do stop the touch screen the second it touches water.  So that makes it easier, Maybe one day I will try swimming in a river with it. 


Well now it was another day and time for my first try with it, lets be honest. It was a time to really see how it Performed. So for a run down to a bus stop. It was quite good and accurate, but other times if I use the app and it records but use the band and it hardly records distance. 

Sometimes it does record

and sometimes it hardly records


Well, this is not bad but then again its the earliest night i've been in bed except one other time this year but with friend problems on my mind, sleeping early was not going to be easy, let alone with a needy dog. 

The sleep stats in Mi Fit 

Google Fit is a bit easier to understand. 


Well, its the same aspect, as running, the Mi fit app does still stay if i say take a camera pic but over time if it's a long walk it can just disappear, which means the band stops connecting and does not keep the walk or activity intact. 


For that plan of a budget smart band, it really brings a few things to consider and really adds some perzang to it with the changing the looks and the extra features such as the stopwatch and alarm from before. There is a bit less reliance on the mi fit app but also it relies on it with the GPS which for the Redmi note 7. it wasn't going to plan as much as I liked. 

omracer's Rating: 8/10

The Good Points:

  • Colour screen
  • Good value for money
  • Extra features
  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to set workouts
  • 20-day battery life
  • Works in the bath and in low water

The Bad Points: 

  • The GPS can be hard for it to say for a long period of time
  • It struggles for the Band to stay with the Mi fit app (part of the issue above) 

Well, thats 2 done out of the trilogy of reviews. Will things happen with the scale, I'll find out soon


Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Well this was overdue on an upgrade, 16GB on the Redmi 4 doesn't cut it and with new things to vlog, new apps to use and also people hating the quality of the food pics, it was time to get a good phone for the right price, this was actually close to get depending on the Redmi Note 8T or this but the pricing was almost the Same for the 8t as it was the Note 7. But Mi.com has the better sales compared to the Mi Store in London, so enjoy the review.  Enjoy the review below:

Packaging and Contents

Well actually is a simple box with simple designs on, Orange and White with black text. I think it really brings out the simple colours. But It made it Apple-eqsue as well. 

This was what i got it with, actually the rest of it was from work but well worth it for later on 

The front of the box 

Each side of the Box 

The bottom of the Box 

The top of the Box 

The back of the box 

But as i opened it up, (well actually opened up much earlier to get it unlocked so I am more prepared about it) and it was nicely packed with the Pin and the Silicone back first. Which is a nice firm fit once the phone is in there, But can be easy to tear as well.

The Pin

The slilicone Case 

The Phone and the Case

Then it was for the Phone, The metallic blue design and the nice large screen that was at work here. The weight its a heavy one so you can feel it on you, there is the Type C jack and also the headphone jack at the top. The does support audio over the type C as well. But it feels good. 

The front of the Phone

The back of the phone

The side of the phone with the power buttons 

The top back of the phone from the finger
The Type C Port 
 Then it was the Sim Card, its a nice way to actually get it out, no teeth required. But its a Nano ONLY Sim card slot exept one of them is a slot for a microSD.

A look at the side of the panel with the Sim Card Slot

The Sim Card Tray

Then we have the warranty and the quick start guide. its small and no instructions on how to use android at all. But thats how they cover their legal issues.

The manual 

But then we have the last part of the Charger, which is a nice simple apple-esque usb type c cable and a very slim standard usb charger but has 2A on it.

The Type C Cable 

The Charger. 
Then it was time to set it up

The parts in the phone packaging

The Tests

As i put the sim cards in then held the power button down. It turned on and then it was time to setup the PHone, since it was Unlocked bootloader wise. But MIUI has always its curious ways, but We got setup and apps installed. So it was time for the testing. I'll be honest and my stuff will NOT be copied on here during the review period. But Google account was signed in and then apps installed to test. 


Now actually this was not too bad. I mean installing GPS Test and it managed to get me a fix that was reasonable accurate. It does take some time if i did Clear the A-GPS, like it would never get a fix. 

The Fix in 3m 
Now for games like Pokemon Go (Later in Review), this would mean easier to catch pokemon for sure. For Mi Fit, we will see how it goes later. 

Network Coverage: 

Well now since I've been told this supports Band 20, it should mean Cuniq should now be 4G and well, The App i used told me BOTH were 4G, which is perfect, well for when Data gets cheaper for me anyway. I might be doing the £3.99 a month FP plan to get extra data.

The stats for the Signal where I am at home. 
So that means it will work for me, I can now get it to do do some wifi testing. Now i did get no signal on parts of my garden in the places i DID get signal with the redmi 4, so sadly the wifi might be weaker. But i can always upgrade my Router eventually to get some extra speed, its done me well for nearly 3 years. But it works is the main thing. 

Also I did add a Grabtab on top to help with the grip of a 6.3" phone. Now This i got someone special, her mum, my mum and myself one which will help with using it and less damages i Hope. 

Insert Pics here 


MIUI Camera App

Theres loads to mention on the Camera. But there was an annoyance that the App did not let you add a custom watermark, well since i did a reset of MIUI 11 before the review, that seems to have been FIXED. So i can now do some amazing pics and add watermarking. Here is some of the quality taken with the MI Camera App. 

Bless the cat 

While Filming 

Outdoor selfie 

The blurred effect with the cat Eating 
Banana cake 
The details of the Above Banana cake picture 

Another blurred selfie

The pet mode

the blurring is cute 

The settings for the MIUI Camera App 

This custom watermarking means i don't really have to use open Camera anymore but actually the features in Open camera are quite good I will admit.

Open Camera

Now actually there was alot of settings to use, Now with HDR Working and also no issues recording with the Camera2API. So more resolutions given to me to use. 

The cat eating with OpenCamera

Banana Cake with Open Camera

Back Camera Resolution Settings 

Video resolution on the back camera 

The framerate

The front camera resolutions

Details of the Banana Cake Pic

All in all it means I can have a good chance to carry on where i left off. It might make it hard to upload to insta and even the blog, but we shall see.

The photo at night 

Night mode

Charging and USB 

So there was a good surprise here which the charging light at the bottom of the device. Since its type C the speed is better than others, I think it took 20 minutes to go up 10% which is pretty good, I mean i started off at 76% when I setup the Phone. Battery Life i will find out soon. 

Charging the Phone with the USB Power Socket

But with USB type C, it means you can do extra things, such as the USB Drive and even a USB Ethernet Adapter. Now The Type C Drive is going to work for sure and will be needed for a tutorial on making a windows 10 usb drive without Windows.  But as for the Ethernet Adapter, sadly it does not affect this and it did NOT work. 

The Phone 

But when connecting to the Steambox.

  • MacOS 10.15.2 STILL has the error with importing the videos and photos, 
  • MacOS 10.13.6 Works fine with importing via PTP mode. 
  • Windows will work in MTP and PTP mode  
The Redmi connected to the Laptop

So it means I can still use this for Vlogging. 


Now this actually is quite loud but only the vibrations from the right hand speaker, the quality is very loud i will admit.

The sound settings and they are loud

Even when you put your finger over the speaker, you feel the vibration on it to get it to work. But it works fine none the less. The ringtones are nice and traditional.

Now then we have the next bit of the Performance in Games.

Performance in Games. 

Game Booster

One good thing about MIUI in this one is that there is a Game boost features. This actually makes it more boost. Games were running smoothly.

The Performance Tab

The Game Booster App

The settings 

Then see how it goes:

Pokemon Go:

Well this was actually really smooth, there was a slight start of loading and delays in certain cut scenes of bits and things. The AR+ Worked fantastic and even Finely was not impressed but it was really good, i might miss this when the phones fully setup. 

Evee and Finely

Cant remember and finely
The GPS was pretty accurate as well. But there was no issues on the way it works. 

Built in Games - Bubble Shooter and the like

Well these are smooth free 2 apps that work, cheese but smooth play and the sensitive touch as well. I mean the adverts are really smooth as annoying as they are. 

PlayStation Remote Play: 

This was actually very smooth, it was still a bit of delay with using the Dualshock 4, but it made things work out quite nicely to play CTR with, shooters and CTR might push it to its limit but it was worth it in the end. 

But When i played Ring Rally it did show the lag but maybe that was the Poor Wifi even with the PS4 to the bottom right of the above picture. Then again its the first time with the Drift Mechanic and also the first time with Ring Rally. In all this will handle even Fortnite really well and powerful but we can try that eventually/.

Fitting & Protection

So one question is that due to the big screen, will it fit in my pocket, well actually i was surprised to say, yes it fitted in 2 pairs of jeans i have but they did have deeper pockets. They do outline it pretty clearly, but well that mostly how things go.

The jeans from the front 

The phones in the back
It can be comfortable for wearing it but Tighter jeans will cause the phone to pop out. That is for sure what i can say but we will see how long it lasts for since there is  a risk of accidents to happen. Also to check on the protection, I purchased a Grab Tab, this is a improved version of a Pop Socket.

Fitting the Grab Tab on the back of the Note 7


So we finally have it, a decent phone, sure the screen is larger and that is a risk of the phone, but the power it contains, the quality of the camera and the price is making it very competitive, especially when there are some incredible Mi Offers that happen. With that in mind

omracer's Rating: 8/10

The Good Points: 

  • Amazing Value when offer 
  • 64GB Storage
  • Fast and responsive
  • 1080p recording on the Front Camera
  • The metallic Blue
  • Dual 4G and it works with o2
  • USB Type C to make it easier for connecting things
  • Very loud

The Bad Points: 

  • 6.3" Screen
  • Not easy to source in the UK (7 days delivery for DPD) 
  • Only choice between the Micro SD or 1st sim Card slot
  • Speaker only strong on the right hand side

And there we have it, the review of the Redmi Note 7, its a nice phone and a good concept, there will be some good times and a chance the screen will crack but I will have to be careful. But this is one of the Reviews Sorted and done 

See you soon