Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Stealth Challenger Black Gaming Chair

Well, this review is based on one the christmas present antics. I decided to go ahead with a Gaming chair from Playom. But this was a pretty decent idea since I usually use a chair for typing, gaming, video editing and more in my life now. But coming in at £130 from Playom, it was a nice deal and something to help me be more productive. Note, there is no review on this in terms of video since I have a fair few things to catch up on. But Enjoy how it works and sets up. Amazon also have it.

The Box. 

Its big and boring yet there is some nice labelling and warnings of it to cover legal issues and red tape. But Its good to say the weight, warnings and the chair's features. 

The top of the Box. 
That was about it, but then inside was a fair bit of packaging and boxes inside to cover what was in and the manual. That was very easy to tear up sadly. 

Setting it up. 

Well getting it all out and the intstructions were pretty clear with it all. Big diagrams and bold text underneath the diagrams made it easy. So we started on each step.

Step 1: The base

This wasn't too bad, but it did need a push to get the wheels in the stand a bit, no screwdrivers needed either, the allen key provided would be better later on though. 

The base of the chair

The Manual and the screws needed for this 

Then it was getting the Gas cyclinder and the plastice covers on, this did take some work but the diagram partly helps, maybe the plastic should of had some engraving on which one to use but then again, it worked out nicely to get on there.

The gas and plastic on the stand. 

Step 2: The chair base.

This wasn't that bad, but those screws can be stiff to get off and the washers can easily be misplaced and fall out, but I managed it get it screwed down. But it can be really hard later on without any help, as I discovered. The allen key is pretty strong too, and works on the Bike, so ideals for multi usage. 

The bottom of the chair going on the bracket. 
Then it got to the sides and THAT IS HARD. Washers falling out making it harder to align it is one of the reasons this was tricky. But luckily, mum did help me on it. It took about 30 minutes on this bit with my mum and trying it alone.

The screws on the side of the chair, this is a bit of nightmare

Step 4: The chair to the stand. 

This bit is actually easier than it looks, its fitting it it to the right hole, making sure to remove the red cap beforehand. But then it goes into the hole futher up than the bigger taller hole, sop bear that in mind. But once that is done, you can say you have made a chair yourself. 

Placing the stand in the hole on the chair.

The Result, 

Its a chair with some extra padding and it actually does make it stylish and its taller than the other chair I have, even without the high difference due to the gas. But it adds more for comfortable seating. 

The Chair, complete

The new chair vs the old one. 

The testing, well.....

Actually its comfortable and its a good height, it might have to be a lean back for the full experience, but its ideal for long moments on the PC and gaming on a desk. For something that is a bit more than a Fast trax chair in B&M but this can really be good for gamers. 

omracer's Rating: 6/10

The Good Points: 

  • Reasonable Value than what it used to be
  • Very comfortable with the pads
  • Moves up and down
  • Not a poorly translated set of instructions 

The Bad Points: 

  • Can be very bulky for delivery.
  • Some instructions can be tricky
  • The side panels can be really hard to fit when alone
  • Washers can fall easily

Well there might be one more Review coming out by the new Year but I have some last minute things to finish off, but for now, we can rest in the wet boxing day.l 


Monday, 27 November 2017

Hori Mini PS4 Gamepad (Black)

So, the second to possibly last review this year, which for this one we go out with a start and get a Hori PS4 Controller done. This one has recently been out and Soon to be a maybe good seller from everywhere like Amazon. This is a decent Deal and we test how this controller can perform too, the video is below.

Comes in either Red or Black

The Box: 

This is a small, compact box with lots of detail, pictures and small print, so theres more to read but its important to be read, lets be clear there. The ease of pictures is clearly shown on the front and sides. 

The front of the box.

The sides of the box

The top of the box
When we get to the back of the box, that is where the real details and small print come to fruition, this allows you to know what the pad can and CAN'T do such as no virbration, motion sensor, no speakers or headphone jack. But that also helps make it the price it is and attractive too. The bottom is full of warranty and the small print, which is not much of a worry for most.

The back of the box.

The bottom of the box.


This is actually not as easy to get out, okay sure a knife to remove the tape is not too bad but its pulling it out of the cardboard which makes it tricky if you want to keep the cardboard intact. But once you have lifted it, it actually is nicely laid out. With the manual at the top and the Controller in the bag with cable at the bottom. You only get the manual and the gamepad, nothing else, which is easy to deal with. The manual is pretty big and dense (due to the languages), those folding ones I always have trouble with but none the less, its useful for how the touchpad works. 

The Manual

The top part of the manual.

The bottom part of the manual.

The controller really is mini, its very lightweight too, which can be a good and a bad thing, my big hands almost cover the gamepad completely so its not going to make things accurate in one away or another. The Dpad looks better as well. The cable was tied but actually looked quite long as well, thats a nice bonus for most.

The controller in the bag

How the Cables looks

The gamepad in clear view

The L and R buttons

The bottom of the controller

Testing: How it performs

Well to set it up, its a plug and play affair. In the PS4, it does NOT let you turn the console on with the controller, so be aware that might upset some but USB controllers never have that ability anyway. But it was ready to get up and go,, plugged it in on the login screen and up and running. There might be a bit of a strain on the top part of the USB cable near where the controller connects, but that isn't too much of a niggle due to the length of cable. The clicking on the analog sticks is loud but not annoying, but the grip of them is nice. 

The hands taking up most of the controller. 

Test #1: WipEout: Omega Collection. 

This initially felt smooth and I could control the craft better, using the airbrakes can be a bit trickier and tilting has always made it harder on any PAD, but i managed to only be 8 seconds off the elite pass time limit. Which since not playing from July, it was my own bad too. 

Test #2: Crash 2 (N Sane Trilogy)

This was a little bit trickier, but only on some of the levels I did misplace my timings on the buttons, Hang Eight was a decent example of this, but I was part speed running due to the Gem time limit, but there was a tiny bit less issues with the Dpad moving on its own, the ice levels that did happen a bit more. But helped me finished the first warp room in just under 1 hour (gems and Crystals), so it didn't stop any major issues.

Test #3: Steam (PC)

I did mention that there should be no issues for getting this working on PC, I was ~Right. It was picked up with no hassle in windows itself. Steam did have some issues with button mapping and the dpad not working until it was configured. 

The Gamepad into the PC.

Windows 10 Picked it up with no hassle 

Setting up the controller in Steam Big Picture Mode. I have managed to upload the controller profile.

Test #4: Cuphead

This was actually trickier to use due to the size of the controller, I was also doing the rapid tap LT motion to make stronger hits by switching weapons, that didn't help. The sticks were smaller which can make it hard to move quickly to get parrying easier, but for casual gaming, it would do nicely.

Test #5 PS3

This was requested and actually, it WORKS. Like WORKS in the XMB with no quibble, i manged to update the PS3 for it and also test BBC iPlayer, which actually Does work but there is a problem with the PS button not working. aka, you can't get to the in game XMB with the controller, this is for some a major crisis but it can work in the basic sense. 

Testing the hori on the PS3


This has some potential and it performs well for smaller gamers and also retro ones alike. With USB. Almost anything can work with this, not just a PS4. Which has many uses on this one. This is aimed at smaller gamers so not everyone will benefit. 

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The Good Points:

  • Nice design in terms of shape
  • Works on PS4
  • Works on PC
  • Nice D-pad
  • Responsive#
  • Good Value

The Bad Points: 

  • Can be a bit tiny for older and bigger gamers
  • You will need to setup the controller for Steam
  • Some features missing that people need to READ before buying. 

And that is is, this will be ok for the next few days and then a new review next week might be in the works between working and maybe other vlogs. See you then


Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Chef Select Chicken Nuggets and Dips

Its been a bit sparse for Reviews. Which I have had in my mind but with videos being planned and also games to finish, it has been put off. But when shopping recently, I found a idea for a new review. Which here goes. A review of chicken nuggets for £1.69.

The Box. 

It felt like a Mcdonalds box, with the purple backgrounds and golden font and big letters, it made me instantly think of what i saw a Mcds box (from videos since i've not been in there for a long time). But it felt like the real deal.

The front of the box

The side of the box

anoither side of the box with the expiry date and bar codes

another side to the box

the back of the box

The inside of the box

Then we open the box to find the small Mcdonalds looking dips with odd translations and also the bag of nuggets. Its interesting the German name was used on the sweet n sour one. 

inside the box

the front of the dips and nuggets

the back of the nuggets and the dips

Cooking the nuggets

The time to cook them is actually under 15 minutes which is nice. Making sure the pan was on a high heat with oil and then it was ready to serve, I did get the pan hot enough before starting this too. The dips were heated up by hot water. 

cooking #throughglass

The tasting, 

So we now get to the part where we taste them, now the nuggets were quite nice, basic tasting with the nice nuggets when hand fried. The dips were enticing, now the sweet and sour was actually different looking but a odd tangy taste to it. The curry dip was a nice taste, it felt like curry sauce but with a overdose of curry powder. But it was nice to dip into it. The peanut butter was amazing to have it dipped into though, thats all i'm going to say about it. 


This was a nice snack, the dips could have improvement but thats about it. 

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The Good Points:

  • This is good value
  • Easy to cook
  • Nice amount of nuggets for normal eaters
  • 2 dips

The Bad Points: 

  • The dips could taste better
  • The dips can fit a nugget just about

Well thats the reviews for this month, now we take to the next month near christmas, controller reviews and other things. 


Sunday, 10 September 2017

Aqprox Micro USB OTG Hub

Another tech Review, so this one is more related to the ONDA V919 Tablet which actually works nice for my new job, android working fine for selling items, Windows working fine for basic usage and printing, but the problem is that Its only working when plugged in or not very long on the battery, this means that a Hub would be needed to charge and use other devices at the same time. I hoped that this little hub might help, lets see:

I bought this from a supplier from work, But Amazon have it for around £7.00.

The Packaging:

Now this is a nice and small, the design is ok, white and green but one problem is that getting the thing open will need scissors which is never good for some tech products. Blister packaging is like that. 
The front

The back 

The packaging cut

How it looks

Its simple, plain, 2 ports either side. The usual, Shame there is no micro usb port for passing through power.  The cable isn't that strong looking either. 

The top of the Hub

The underneath

The Testing: 

There are the tests of seeing what works and what doesn't. Since the Onda is a DUAL OS, i did test both. Android worked nicely with it for mice and keyboards, I will be testing a printer soon as well. 
I also tested a USB A to A cable which hopes to pass power through to the hub and maybe the tablet, sadly this did NOT WORK. But it powered the devices on the hub. 


Plugged into Android

The LED on the hub


This was a bit more testing, the mouse worked, even when it recovery mode. But When trying a USB Ethernet Adapter, it proved too much for it, even with the tablet at 88% battery, it just shut off. But USB Drives, Mice and keyboards and a printer would work fine. Just the power some devices need is more than the tablets circuits, (this tablet is a nightmare for OTG anyway) 

The USB Drive 

Thins might be interesting with it, but it might get away with problems for this tablet. But all that in  mind:

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The Good Points: 

  • 4 port micro usb hub (gonna say it since its a good thing)
  • Works on Windows and Android
  • nice blue LED
  • USB Power can be used for it via a A to A Cable
  • Even ports on either side

The Bad Points: 

  • The cable looks very weak, a micro usb extension might be a safe bet for it
  • No Micro usb port to pass through charge to the tablet or phone 

More reviews might be up and there was meant to be more videos to but rain is a mess. 


Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Esmara LED Trainers

Well, we go back to the trainers again, seriously, the reliability of the LED trainers I had last time were dire, since one Night out can cause them to be a dead shoe in a instant. But recently the news shoed off a article that Lidl are producing some LED trainers under the Esmara brand. So, I did do an impulse and purchase them. Costing me £16.99 frol my local lidl, they have a nice feel and hopefully become more than what i hoped for.

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Enjoy a video review below:

Insert Video here

The Packaging: 

Now this is where instantly I feel a better vibe to the shoes from banggood, the box was decent, the design felt modern, you know what you were buying and it even shows the different colours without much hassle to find them. This makes it appealing, okay sure the sides are the same but the front and back can show off what makes it stand out. 

The front of the Box

The back of the box 

The side of the box which includes the UK and EU shoe size

The other side which includes the EAN code

The other side which includes a EAN barcode

The final side which is just how it is. 

Open up inside:

Now we look into the box, it opens up like a fold out shoebox which i think is a nice touch to it as well. But when you open it, the tissue for the shoes are shown which protected it and there is NO manual, only the tags and string to tie them together. 
You can tell the quality is much more sturdy for the material compared to the others shoes, the sole is thicker and its easier to find the button and charger as well on each shoe.

A look inside the box

Peeking into the sole

You can see the USB connector and the button

The soles are still the same as the others but it is slightly thicker to help show off the colours and also make sure that it will be comfortable when running. The inner side of the shoe is also going to that effect and it shoes it off.

The back of the shoes

Underneath looks quite good

It shows off nicely

You can see the thickness of them from this side. 

A look at the front of the trainers

This is a better view of the inside

The cable is also the same as the other USB cable with the shoe, nothing special but its handy to have a split cable as always.

The split micro usb cable

Trying on the Shoes: 

This is my point of the tricky part, since my feet are a size 9 Wide and these are a 7, so its a guess of me not being able to fit but lucky that I actually can have good fitting with them, the wide feet did actually fit nicely but my only gripe was that the heel was slipping out quite a fair bit. The laces i managed to get tied up nicely but they are longer than i thought. 

In the shoes

They don't fit as bad as i thought

Nice n snug

Once they were tried on, it was time to walk, the laces were done but one did hang over the shoe, I bent down to press the button and it worked first time, it worked and the button was not as tricky as the other shoes too. I even did a walk around in them. 

behind shot

Front shot

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I did run in them and it was ok, the heel i nearly slipped out of but that can be sorted easily. With this in mind.

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The Good Points: 

  • Great Value
  • More more reliable material
  • Good box design
  • Quite Comfortable
  • Bright LED lights

The Bad Points: 

  • Can be hard to source outside of a lidl sale
  • Only a size 7 maximum
  • The laces can be too long

And that brings the reviews in august to a close. There should be more reviews in September if i get time during my new work life as well as vlogs too. Stay fitted to have a see of new coming soon.