Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2

This has been alot longer than I would have liked it to be. But we finally have the last product to review. The Mi Scale, Purchased for £39.99 from Mi Store London and then shocked as I saw it on the Online Mi Store for £24.99 and was annoyed I missed out on a £15 saving, please note this lowers the score for this review. The Video is below:

The Packaging. 

It's actually very simplistic and very Apple Esque in its packaging, an image of the scale on the front, some symbols on the site and also the detailed info on the back like the model and the info on hows its made and the different languages it supports.

The top of the box 

The front of the box 

The only images on the sides of the box

a look at the back of the box 
We open it up and its a really nice touch on how to actually remove the scale, it's covered up like a pair of jigsaw puzzles which is a cool touch to remove, then inside its the scale first, then a small box underneath with the manual and warranty guide. 

The jigsaw cover

The top of the scale

Underneath the scale

The box that was hidden if the scale was still there 

Inside the box were these two booklets

The scale and the box of the scale, side by side 

Then it was time to get it setup

Time to Insert and Pair

Well, this felt easy and actually, after finding 2 pairs of batteries, I got it turned on, went to Mi Fit and then all I had to do was to step on the scale and it would pair it, sounds simple/.  


Well, actually I had to put it on the hard surface in the bathroom for it to pair it properly. So with bare feet on the scale in the bathroom, it paired and it worked.

The results, 

It showed me info about where my fat is and muscle and all that which is quite incredible and rare and never shown about that before, of course, this is aimed at a slimmer population so I won't get off easy on my weight but well thats for a different thing aside. 

Also, it let you pair with different phones so I linked mine to it and my mums to it so she can weigh in for her diet, and I can weigh to see if exercise can help with it all instead of a diet as per. say. a Phone reboot was needed but it all worked fine after. 

Weight of items 

If you step on the scale with one foot, then it will let you weigh items and it let me weight a bottle of lemonade which was only about 3.7lbs. So that feature is useful. 


Well this is an amazing concept and It got the weakness of the value for it, I wanted it so badly I kicked common sense and could have saved £10 to £15 on it, But Xiaomi didnt put it on their own online store until a week before Christmas, that was annoying. But as a scale, it does a fantastic job for what you get, The annoying part is that there is no built-in battery to charge, but just uses AAA which are not included and I even got some Panasonic Batteries from work to use it will last me a while. 

omracer's Rating: 6/10

The Good Points: 

  • Works with the Mi Fit App so no separate needed for something like just being happy with a saved route without leaving the battery life to di with the screen on all the time. 
  • It weights me nice and accurately when on a hard floor like I used to with old scales but no remember the number then forgetting it like 20 minutes later. 
  • It can weigh objects

The Bad Points:

  • It was expensive when I got it but kicking myself 
  • No Batteries are included

There we are, the Xiaomi Trilogy is done, now this was alot longer than I liked it to be but its all done and a nicer lifestyle might be ahead but we shall seem 

More reviews coming up maybe in summer