Sunday, 20 October 2013

Nova Multi Whirl

So, I begin this review to explain that I'm sorry I've not made this and posted it quick enough, I've been busy and missed chances to get this made. But anyway, its now ready for you to enjoy.

Basically as many of you might know i bought this Whisk from Goose Fair. I was convinced from the demonstration, part of which you will see in the video review. Basically i bought it and thought it would be useful for me with making omelettes. Basically its a simple way to operate it, with no batteries or power except muscle power to use it. But enjoy the video below, which you get to see me use it to make up an omelette for part of my lunch.

But the packaging is very colourful and very, very simplified, like simple big headings and a image of the whisk.
The Top of the Box, which has the colour selected. I chose green since i have hippie tendencies :P

The left side of the box, which has some pictures of the results of what it can do and also a witty, dirty phrase "Beating Without Batteries"

The Back of the box, with a bar code, the Novabest Company logo, the small print in various languages

The right side of the box, with the whisks in different colours and how they look. 

The box is very tight fitting and just has the Whisk and manual in a plastic bag. That is literally the unboxing done. The whisk itself is nicely made, with a stainless steel feel which makes it stronger, but lighter, as well as the fact is is made out of stainless steel. But the handle doesn't move all the way down, which is a pretty good design feature, which will make it more reliable. Detailed pics of each part of the whisk and the german manual is below: 

The Handle is quite strong and reliable as well as the non cheesy plastic feel makes it look good

This is the whisk part itself, it doesn't look that sharp, and it mostly leads into the centre, which is probably linked to the airflow and how it pumps air into the mixture. 

The Whisk itself. Not much else to say

The manual for the whisk and company logo. But its all in German, ah, a idot move there, although there isn't much to know about how this works. 

Well this is some recipes on the flip side of the manual, Tells you how to make a Coffee Frappe, Mayonnaise and Sauce Vinaigrette

So I decided to make one of my usual concoctions for an omelette and the whisk handled it quite well. The mixture i used was Curuiously Cinnamon and Sweet Chilli dipping sauce, which on there own, are tasty, so it would be nice to combine them. Then it put it in the pan, it didn't start off looking so nicely but by the end it looked better than i thought. 

The mixture, so far, with Curiously Cinnaomon, Sweet Chilli and 2 eggs, all whisked in

The omelette after i just put it in the frying pan, it might look a bit loose here, which got me worried slightly. 

After the omelette was finished, it looked better than i hoped. 

So the omelette turned out nicer than i had hoped, which is quite promising, maybe i will be using this alot more often. 

omracer's Rating: 6/10


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Looks like a good build quality
  • Can add extra flavour if you use for mixing a way you wouldn't usually need to.


  • If done too much, it can ruin it, but its hard to decide when its been whisked or beaten enough.
  • The price is ok but maybe could be reduced slightly

So that is the whisk, it works nicely, its one of those nice little pieces of tat you can pick up from Fair and Market stalls. These are available on Amazon but i'm not sure on the stock levels. 

Also if anyone cares, the meal this went with was tasty, have a look below:
The Final lunch. The omelette with:
  • Chicken Tika Masala
  • Rice 
  • Crisps
  • Chocolate Digestive Biscuits
  • Spicy Mango Chutney
  • Mayonnaise
Thanks for reading and expect some more reviews soon. 

omracer :)