Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Acer G225HQL BbD 21.5" HD LED Monitor

This was a few months in decision making and i know there are many types of decent PC screens out there and i saw this on a special offer for £82 inc VAT and delivery from a supplier. So i purchased it last friday, before i found out heartfreezing news and when i came home on Monday 9th March it was on my bed waiting for me. The video review for this is below, this has been rush a tiny bit which i do apologise for. But this will cover any of the extras missed. The screen can be from Amazon if you wish it to BE

The packaging

Well the outside is pretty basic in colour, since its just printed on brown cardboard, which is why most monitors have in relations to design, but it does show clear-ish symbols of what is features. 

This is probably the most infomation about the monitor you will get on the outside,

The bottom of the box doesn't contain much

The side of the box which has only Acer, fragile logos and the url

The front of the box, i can tell since there are less symbols placed compared to others

The back of the box since it has more symbols to advertise its features.

Getting into the box is simple, slice open the top and the foam covers appear which other parts of the monitor can be picked up then the screen itself can be. There was the usual pieces to get going like:
  • The monitor itself
  • The connector to the stand
  • The stand
  • A Quick Start Guide
  • A CD with a digital copy of the manual and how to register it
  • Warranty and EMEA office leaflets
  • A US and UK Cloverleaf Mains cable
  • A VGA Cable 
The Stand

The charger for it

The US Cloverleaf mains cable

The UK Cloverleaf Mains Cable

The Stand Connector

The bag with the manual inside

The peek at some of the booklets

The CD of virtual documents

A warning when handling the screen

A seperate Specification sheet

The warranty notes

But it mentions a 2 Year Limited Warranty

A guide of setting the monitor up

More FCC notes and other important legal information

Then getting the screen out and it felt nice, not too light but not CRT heavy either, which means its got some good quality to it. Sure the connector is DVI-D, VGA and the Power jack, which is a bit week since there is no sound, luckily i have a old DAB radio which does this nicely. 

Getting the packaging off

Picking up the screen

The 3 connectors and the slot for the stand connector

Connecting the Screen

This was a simple task, (although i missed a recommendation but i'll get into that soon) which  was done nicely, with all the leads needed and connected, i was ready within a few short minutes and could get it booted up :).
OK, i did have to use a flathead screwdriver to make sure the screen was firmly in, which i did nicely

Connecting the VGA cable


Then i managed to get it to turn on, it booted fine, the settings were slightly hard to get to but my fingers are not as clumsy as most others, but the settings were plentiful, with colour effects, DDI, various display profiles using the E and the menu was not intrusive which is a bonus.

I managed to get it to but when looking at it, the screen looked off, which was the fact the Resolution was NOT 1080p but actually 1600x1200 and stretched, which confused me and confounded me, even in Yosemite, it was doing the same thing, which i tried things like checking the disk for drivers and then i thought about the cable. So, using the cable provided, i changed it and it worked fine in 1080p at 60Hz. So it made everything ready to use.
The screen working at 1080p and nice and clean

Windows telling me what the Max refresh rate is

EDID Working

This is just a glimpse of many of the resolutions i could use

Then it was just one of those nice dreams to have a beast ass PC with a huge display, i felt like that. I watched some YT subscriptions and also set up OBS and it was nice to see it beautifully. 

With this in mind:

omracer's Rating: 8/10

The good points:

  • Good value for money
  • Very crystal clear quality, 
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Pretty compatible the almost any PC, can work on Mac's that use DVI-D
  • Slim GUI interface

The bad points

  • No drivers on disc
  • No Speakers
  • No HDMI
  • Requires you to replace cabling to ged EDID to work on VGA
  • Settings on monitor might be hard with big fingers

So this is a quick review which should show you what the monitor is like, if you want it, you can buy it HERE

See you for another review soon