Sunday, 18 January 2015

ONDA v820w 8" Intel Atom Z3735F Windows 8.1 Tablet (Part 2)

Now for the testing.  See PART 1 of the REVIEW BEFORE READING THIS

This is where i finally show you how Games and some apps not mentioned in part 1 feel on it, I'll list the games i've tried below:

  • PACMAN Championship Edition DX+ (Windows Store and Steam version)
  • Papers Please
  • RR Unbounded
  • Age of Empires II HD: The forgotten
  • Five Nights at freddy's 2
  • MAME (Point Blank 2)
  • Paint.NET
  • OBS with A Capture Card (I'm not joking, i bought the tablet partly for this reason)
  • Pixel Piracy
  • Hotline Miami
Now, some of these games will perform poorly on their own, even  if not streaming or recording. Some won't even work properly since it needs a real keyboard and its too much of a setup to either wire up a wireless keyboard and i don't fancy buying a Bluetooth keyboard just yet. 

Lets Begin:

Hooking up a Afterglow to my tablet 

PAC-MAN Championship edition DX+. 

Windows Store - Metro Edition (DX):

Well i tried this on the off chance while i was waiting for the original video to render. for a test i did try to record it with OBS, for some reason, it didn't like it. Not sure with Monitor ~Capture could be the cause but it worked fine on my desktop (depending on the settings i've use). But if i was recording, it was horrible, i mean it repeated the song just over 3 times before i finally finished on a score of 1.1 Million on Championship II. But if i wasn't recording. I was actually smooth and only 1 or two bits when it lagged. 
 But my fingers were finding the buttons a bit small (except the bomb) which did put me off. 

Setting up the touch screen controls with CE DX

If you use the charms bar to screenshot, it pauses the game

There wasn't much else i can say, since its a game i know so well and played so much. I've been lazy and not completed this one (Not many people on the Windows Store really, or more its not been synced to the 360 version). 

Steam edition (DX+). 

Now this one does run just like the Windows store version, except Touch controls. They are pretty screwed, i mean, double tapping on the buttons and it was still not picking them up. This is pretty low if you only had the steam version and are too budget to purchase a controller (either PS3 or xbox, both work, only PS3 you need special drivers). 

Trying to double tap and it wasn't happy with it. 
I'll have a chance to upload some footage of how bad this is later on

Age of Empires II HD: The forgotten:

This was not going to be a resource hungry game but it was playable when RECORDING at 2mbits with OBS. The only problem i had faced was that if i wanted to use some of the keyboard commands, i would have to project it to a screen and if you don't have a screen, its a pain. But a bluetooth keyboard would solve it. No problems online, since with steam working as it should be. 

Nearly dying in battle 

The spalsh screen works

it took a few attempts to resize the window but it worked eventually
This will be ok on the go and i hope to play some more of this in 2015.

Papers Please

Well i must admit, this was smooth and easy to get into with the touch controls, processing can be much faster if you have the books on you and also maybe using both hands. This you could probably record/twitch while playing. 

Glory To Ariztoska
You do have some tricky problems with possibly resizing the screen but if your full screen, it should be fine.
another day, loading a shift up

Detain people for bonus payrise

Ridge Racer Unbounded:

Well, this was pushing the tablet a bit, the game was not even playable, without recording, even on 640x400 as well as 720p on lowest settings for both resolutions,  Just don't play this. 

The settings i used the first time

The car selection screen for the 640x400

i managed to play it to get 2 stars. 

With the slow framerate, comes many crashes

MAME (Point Blank 2)

This took a bit longer than i hoped to set up and since MAMEUIFX doesn't like virtual keyboards and the touchscreen support is poor, it took some effort to get this to partly work. I managed it, but then it wasn't reconsigning the mouse (touch screen) as a lightgun so the thing didn't even work. Also the framerate was pretty poor. Point blank would of been an awesome game for touchscreen but i don't fancy getting a newzeland apple id just to play it :(.

I managed to get it to this using another version of MAME. But i didn't map the volume buttons to insert coin

I managed to map the buttons but after this, no luck with the lightgun by using the touch screen

I will try to hopefully get it to work. Sure i can use an intel android tablet, but thats another problem within its own right of buying another tablet. I'll try another version of MAME soon.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Well this one was really smooth, the only downside is the keyboard needs to be set as the standard virtual keyboard to be able to use ctrl to be able to save yourself from foxy with the flashing torch.

It works in vertical as well

Holding ctrl can save your life in this game

just 3 scary objects

Pixel Piracy

This runs really well, and actually this can run in both vertical and horizontal, the launcher even provides the vertical options. The virtual keyboard is needed. 

It supports rotation

i got an achievement for not much

Hotline Miami

Crashes to desktop, both in original and updated and in full screen and windowed mode.


This is pretty useful. Its a decent and powerful FREE photo editing program, i use this to make thumbnails, logos, posters etc and this will be useful on here for a quick edit. It works ideally and better with the finger, remember the touchscreen can use up to 10 fingers at the same time, but a stylus might be tricky to use. 

This is with my finger drawing

This is with the stylus
Photo manipulation and lasso select isn't that accurate with my finger, it would be worse for the stylus, i might need a better one. 

Trying my best to use lasso select

The layer worked

OBS With the Capture Card

Now this was a lucky trick and sadly it doesn't work that well, i mean after a short amount of time, the tablet will just force itself off. Maybe its a power issues since the Capture card needed power which it was drawing it from the tablet. It was even quicker to turn off when the webcame was in the stream as well. 

The setup, it was a minor proof of concept

A clearer look at the setup, with the OTG into the Capture card, the PS3 via the orginial cable and a DS3 controller in front
I reckon it would work if i had a OTG Y cable. Since i could plug one into the PS3 for spare power and then the capture card. Getting them for under £10 is quite tricky. 

And there you have it, various tests with the tablet, some worked nicely and some didn't, but at least i know what the real potential of this can be and what it too much for it. 

Many thanks for now