Sunday, 18 August 2019

Pizza Hut - White Caramel Cookie Dough

This was a nice but rushed review But enjoy caramel cookie dough. Well worth the £4.49 when i had to buy christea some last weekend and it was a good deal for £7.99 for the 2 of them.

The looking at it. 

its got a good design, even if it looks a bit burned. But it was a thick design and the tub of ic cream was not bad but can cover the dough. The caramel you can see as well even though it looks like a berry or cherry.

The first pizza hut box i've ever had in my hand

underneath the box

The bottom of the dough

The Top of the Dough

The Heating and prep. 

So when I was ready, I put the dough in the bowl and then heated it up for 3 minutes in the microwave. This was easy at first but it sadly it doesn't make it easier when it came out. The microwave was quite burnt indeed. 

The burnt of the dough. 

Then I had to pop the ice cream onto it this was a fun squeeze affair and it did sizzle when it was on there. 

The ice cream the sizzle

The Tasting: 

Well, this is the fun part, well it was nice to taste after I started and tried to stab it apart. It did work in its own way but it was quite jaw hurting. like I could feel my jaws ache as I was halfway through the dough, my mouth did feel a bit of a burning feeling to it. This all in all made it quite a nice dessert though left too long heated. 

The Conclusion: 

This was to be the first time of the food that I feed online and actually, I did enjoy even with a bit of delay of the eating and heating of it. 

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The Good Points: 

  • A reasonable blue (better at 2 for £7.99)
  • Nice flavour if eaten normally
  • recyclable packaging
  •  The ice cream is a nice touch

The Bad Points: 

  • Don't reheat in a microwave
  • This can be rich for some people

Hopefully, more food reviews happen if I get a chance to have more time with lovely people. 

But for now, time will be quiet.