Friday, 30 July 2021

eLife Patriot 36V E-Bike

 This was a surprise and well this needed a review of something that changes some of my ways to get around, I'll be honest to say I was not expecting this and no this is NOT a sponsored item but it was from Idealworld of all things for £999.99 + £19.99 Postage, It was a gift from family due to inheritance on all things, But here is the review (post only) 

The Packaging, 

Now this bit i sort of had a glimpse of what it was, since it was very much a surprise so the assembly and insides did not get shown to me, but the box was big and it was a normal cardboard box with the E-life written on it. But there was some meaning to this but it was generic in terms.

The box of the bike 

Then it came with the bike to be built up which makes it nice and easy to build since it also included the tools and the manual of it. It makes it useful for those that did not build or have the tools for them either. 

The tools such as screwdriver, allen key, spanner and even more keys for the battery 

But then it was time to have a look at the bike itself, 

The Bike itself, 

Now it actually has some good looks with a nice dark metallic look and the colour scheme with the orange too, but it really makes it nice and modern too. The handle bars are nice and styled with the yellow rubber bits too.

The Bike itself

The front of the bike with the handlebars 

There was a lot of good things such as the front of the bike also had the Shimano gears and the control panel on the left hand side actually which shows the options such as the power meter for the e-bike, the gears have a bit of a weird way to angle it. 

The Handlebars of them 

Then it comes to the battery and the single gear section too So its a bit easier to use and its covered nicely so it had less chance of rusting in the future as far as it seems too. Plus the motor is on the back wheel as well. Which makes it worth it to see if go quite far. 

The chain and gears on the back 

The Chain on the middle 

The chain and gears on the side of the bike

The other side of the back motor.

Now this shows more of how the battery comes out, Which it is a big battery and does add a fair bit of weight to the bike as well, but that is the best part is that it does detach which especially makes it useful for other parts too. Like especially in the weather, it does make it quite risky to leave the battery in there in the heat too.  Especially for the time of it, the weather is always varying too. Which the keys are included for help of removing the key, and you can check the battery's status separately via the button on it, Blue is high, green is medium, Red is low, so it all adds up to make it easy to check. 

The Battery showing the key 

The key in the hole to unlock the battery 

showing it does sort of pop out for the most part 

The light on the bike 

The little charging port of the battery

This now leads to the charger, which is a modern looking brick in its own right, Which is a powerful way to get it charge up. It uses the Cloverleaf connection so its works out easier to replace if the cable too. 

The charger itself 

The cloverleaf cable at the end of it 

Then we have the tyres and the brakes, now this part of it, is not disk brakes and actually they are later on to show the side of the bike that seems not as good. 

The Tyres and the brakes, it was hydraulics

The better look at the hydraulic brakes

And the look at the other side of the brakes

Now it comes to the other part which is unique, the pedals and the part that even flips out as  its own stand, it kicks out so nicely too.  It makes it easier for when it needs to be parked for that few minutes, it also applies the brakes for some reason as well. 

The Pedal and the kickstand 

Now it then leads to setting it up with things form the old bike. 

The transfer: 

Now this is not too hard but still important, but luckily it was not too had to get the mudguard and LED lights moved from one to the other as well. Since those were just to be screwed on and also strapped on, so not anything complex, the Pole for the Bike Seat was thicker too. 

The LED Light and the mudguard as well as the red reflective light that was already with the bike 

That and it was also time to finally get the bike lock to work, which actually was worth it when i used oil to make sure it was easier to unlock and not for the issue of having it stolen, so now both locks are there, one long cable one and one strong one, so that can help with it, it also does not affect steering when i expected it would do too. 

Both locks on, even if this way is the not correct way to put it on 

But then it was time to prepare for the cycling of seeing how it does to see how it performs when its time to do a cycle too. 

The Testing: 

Well there are various settings for the e-Bike, the right hand side is the 1,6 shimano gears and the left hand side is the panel, Which there are 3 stages of speed, 0 is no speed/assist at all. This also shows the power status on the battery but it reads out in a different way or not as accurate in some way of things. 

The settings when its off

The settings when turned on but level 0

The settings on level 1 

The settings on level 2

The settings on the highest level for the settings

Then it was time to just pedal and get some energy then it was time to cycle to my usual visit. 

Now this was where the performance was really kicking in to the best part and those hills are the best way to prove it can help me, which it did, like it was really pushing the times quicker due to the level 3 assist on the hills too, Especially up brentor. So this really shows the improvement of performance, normally the same route to work is showing a improvement of nearly 20 minutes.

The fit details with the e-bike 

The similar route with the normal bike

Now there were a few things I've noticed when riding it, which were not minor and not all negative and all. 

  • You can hear when the motor is kicking in with a whine
  • Setting 1 does not show you or feel any g force when option 2 and 3 do, 
  • Hills do feel less intense but only when you are on a higher gear. 
  • The gear system does not move down as easy without a click.
  • The bike does feel A LOT heavier when lifting it with the battery inside, 
  • The steering can be quite heavy as well. 
  • The battery did last more than a whole day, but the percentage did not make sense due to it jumping up and down in different ways. 
  • The battery cover is the black so it can absorb heat. 
  • The seat high is easily changed 


So the bike arrived, it does its purpose and it does make it actually really good. The performance of the legs make it easier to work and means longer distances I can do in a better time. So maybe it means vlogs might be easier too. Sure there are small teething problems which will have time to fix. But all in all. 

omracer's Rating: 8/10

The Good Points: 

  • The bike is an electric one
  • Can help save many minutes off my Journey's. 
  • Thee battery does detach
  • Easy to Adjust the seat height
  • Shimano gears
  •  Control panel for the electric side , is easy to use 
  • Hills are less intense

The Bad Points: 

  • The steering can be heavy, 
  • The bike is heavier with the battery inside it
  • Braking can be a bit of hard squeeze when using it 
  • Quite high for the value, other E-bikes have been between £600 - £899  in some cases 

And there we are, enjoy that review of this bike which would be useful for a lot of journey and endeavours for the future too, maybe even for another vlog for a day out or even when needing it for work. The future will see it through and well keep eyes peeled.