Thursday, 5 May 2016

Unisex USB LED Lace Trainers

UPDATE 13/07/17: 

Due to the events of the fireworks . Both Pairs of these have now Died and I might review the replacement I've bought for £16.99 Soon. These events have caused the rating to beome a 5/10

The last time these had lit up properly

The Review

Lets be honest here, there wasn't really a good title for this since its one of those possible not really popular products that seems like why would you want this kinda thing. Now let me explain a bit why, Well with my Nights Out, I run distances, I mean almost half marathon distances which is getting home from a night out and thats nearly 18 miles. So when it comes to running on the road, if light up shoes are up, cars can see me and then i don't die. Costing only £23ish each + £DHL postage, I got 2 and they arrived in a week, on the day they were meant to arrive, I was waiting around work for 2 hours after they shut (which is 4:30). But they arrived while I was in work the day after and hence this review the day off after (Thursday). Enjoy the video review below:

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The Packaging

Well this was just a DHL bag (mailbag) with foamish wrapped around both shoes and also no Manuals or anything with them, just the following:

  • Micro USB Cable
  • 2 x Lace
Which can confuse some but for most people, Laces are piss easy which I did get some progress with it, but thats for later on. That was pretty much it.

Inside the Bag

The trainers were protected with this foam

a front view of the trainers

The side view with the SKU barcode upside down

The laces and Micro USB Cable to go with it

A Closer Look at the Trainers

Now the shoes are a nice silver design, with white glow in the dark type material for the outer edge and then the inside was quite wide. This is a Chinese size 44 which is around a 8.5 UK size, now my hobbit feet, which my dad takes the piss out at least once a week, can be quite wide which worried me since I might not fit in them, which luckily they do. But there is a bit of a flexible material as well as the fact there is cardboard underneath the sole of each trainer, which underneath that is the wiring (has a copper look) for the lights.  Now there is also a notice that the Micro USB Charging port can be quite hard to spot since its close to the lace hole which if worst case could bend and damage, but it didn't for me luckily. 

The front of the trainer

A side of it

The other side of it

A closer look in the sole and notice the USB port, now also the button is just below that

See that glow in the dark texture to it, I do

A look at the other sole of the trainer

The lacing and wearing

Now this was the complex bit for me, Lacing it. It was quite simple to do, thread it through the holes and get it sort of tight, which worked until I realized that I started from the next hole up which was a noobish mistake but it still worked. Eventually I got it laced and they were a near snug fit, There was extra lace to spare after a double knot done by me on each trainer. 
The lacing was pretty much done

It does have a lot of lace to be fair
Then I got into it and pressed the button and it went into various colours with every press (the last few were either flashing or a casual glow which was very nice and hip.

Worn and with the blue glow
Walking in them was quite comfortable which was good, I shown my sister who was in the garden, she liked them (Rosie was ALREADY trying to BITE THEM). We then had to redo the laces but it was all good. She mentioned they were like Moon Shoes to her boyfriend. 
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The Conclusion

Well, all in all, they do a good job of being flashy while on the go. Sure they have some problems like a hidden button and also having to lace for the first time but all i can say is...

omracer's Rating: 5/10

The Good Points:

  • Good value for just over £20 (Considering £20 is my budget for shoes in all honesty) 
  • Nice Silver design
  • The lights are bright
  • its Micro USB connector which means easy to charge and even power banks with no dedicated cable
  • it fits my hobbit feet

The Bad Points

  • The laces need to be fitted first
  • The button is hidden
  • The sole might rise up quickly
  • The wire inside is fragile and both pairs can die easily due to this

Well that is that, hopefully a Steambox custom build might happen next week (I can't review EVERY COMPONENT) But I might do a blogpost with unboxing each component since some have only just arrived in the UK for a short amount of time.