Monday, 16 May 2016

Vimto Fizzy Zero

This is just a quickie which is related to drinks. Ok now drinks I've not reviewed which is meh but i'm working on possibly more soon. Anyways, today we try some Vimto Fizzy Zero, which was a diet version of Vimto Fizzy which was in Morrisons for a Pack of 6 for £1.86. The video is below:

The packaging

This is just a simple can from the pack of 6, which is a nice Purple but in a light shade design, since Vimto is a dark purple colour, the zero is representing light and calorie free which the colour shade is a nice way to reflect this. But there is only one panel of small text like a blurb and ingredients list and more really. The expiry date is 11 months from now but cans like this are used in less than 2 hours and packs less than 5 days. 

The front of the can

The back of the can

The top with the lid

The bottom with the expiry date


Now, this was a pretty strong taste to it, since grape is heavily used in it, there is a sensation of it. But there is also a very unique tang to it, Which is the Vimto flavouring coming into play, now it does have a odd taste to begin with but it might put you off if you have too much of it. But its a recipe consisting of grapes, raspberry and some other juices. Its hard to send it to be fair as well.


So this is a zero variant of a popular drink which is not too bad, Vimto isn't a solid 10 drink by all means, but it is a nice one in some respects: 

omracer's Rating: 6/10

The Good Points: 

  • Low Calorie for those dieters
  • A different flavour compared to standard lemonade
  • actually cheaper than lilt by £0.20 per 6 pack
  • It can be slightly refreshing

The Bad Points:

  • The flavour can be strong, not to drink too often. 
  • There is a filling fizzy sensation even with the refreshing feeling

Hopefully more reviews over the Coming weeks.