Thursday, 28 April 2016

Sumvision Plasma Mouse

You know those impulse buys you see or talk about and buy them when you actually don't need them, this might be one of those reviews, but considering this product has only been out within the past week, then it might be worth sharing my review on it. Costing me £20 from work, but cheaper on Amazon, this might be the nicest looking mouse I might have ever seen. Sumvision  might have some flaws but this hopefully isn't one of them. The video review is below and then we get into using it.

The Packaging

There was one term my supplier used which might make this seem different. "The packaging doesn't do it justice". Which I agree with in this repsect, The box is a thin rectangle black box with reflective text which does sort of represent the reflective metallic gold the actual mouse has, there is a odd thing with the Font for the box more focused from the Nemesis brand they own but there isn't any mention of Nemesis on it at all which is a odd thing, Nemesis Plasma sounds better than Plasma in this case. But it tells you whats included and the legal required patents and trademarks and URLs for the company.

The front of the Box

The side of the box with the trademarks and EAN and URL

The back of the box with a slight showing of the mouse. 

The side with the features and the contents

Lets have a look inside

In all honest, that is the box, but there was this red sticker on the side, which was actually the way to open the box, which then had a tab and if pulled out, everything comes out neatly, but with all funny boxes, that didn't happen to me and it was a slight mess coming out, but the orange was a nice vibe to the inside. Then you had the manual and the support flyer as well as a fibre cloth and the mouse itself. All in all it was pretty pressed in there.

The contents of the box.

The manual was quite basic but it gave info on the specs and what each button does, Also it DOES support OSX (it mentioned X 10.2 or above) which is a good sign but then again, its a mouse and if it doesn't, its either too high end or quite an old one. It also mentioned what each button does as well as to use the software for DPI and colour change.

The front of the manual

Showing the top of the mouse

The top part of the bottom side of the manual

The bottom part of the bottom side of the Manual

Then you have the support flyer and the fibre cloth, now the cloth is similar material to the ones given by specsavers and the like, no design, just a plain blue cloth. The flyer recommends you to register, sadly its a case of "seriously, who does actually bother to register" which can save hassle for somethings, but for a mouse, maybe a "nah, mate" in this case. Remember Sumvision is also the owner of the Cyclone (android boxes that are used under the former kodi revolution) and PSYC (Sound devices ranging from earphones that pop out 5 times when running for 15 minutes or vibrating bluetooth speakers)

The cloth and the flyer

Then we have the mouse itself, in a box with a plastic cover for it, it clearly showed the reflection in the light, the dark isn't so clear but nor is anything without light these days. But onces its out of the box, it looks like proper gold in some ways but not so much in others, The reflection is pretty neat and its not really heavy but its not as light as other mice that are under £10 either. Maybe the Nemesis logo could of been put on the mouse instead of sumvision to make it seem more cooler like the Kane Pro did but its odd why nemesis was not mentioned on it at all.

The mouse in the box, the reflection is there

A sharperish look at the mouse

The bottom of the mouse, with the rubber and the metal

Looking from the right side

Looking from the left side.

Also the cable is a braided and quite long cable, which is nice for some desktop setups.

The Testing: 

Now with most mice, You plug it into the USB, wait for 2 minutes max for the drivers to install and its done and working, this was no exception, the mouse was installed on Windows 10 32 bit in the video and worked on 10.10.5 and Windows 10 64 bit as well. The mouse did go a golden colour to begin with but once the sofware was on there, that is almost up to you on what colour you choose. But have a look at the settings for that driver sumvision provide.

The main page, with the mouse and the DPI and colour settings. 

The advanced settings, which allows speeds for scrolling and clicking

You can change the text colour of the actual program too, a nice extra
But then once this is done, the mouse is then changing colour slowly after the settings are applied and can give a nice tranquil feeling. 

The first colour you see or if its plugged into an OS that doesn't have the driver program installed (OSX etc)

A apple red

A turoquise blue

A Dark blue

Combine it with the sort of low light Dragonwar Silvio and it looks ok

But not so much with a non blue colour though

Test 1: Browsing and Scrolling in Browsers (Chrome etc).

This actually felt smooth one the 2nd and 3rd DPI stage, I could adjust the scrolling speed if it felt too fast so there isn't much of a problem. You can also hear when you scroll since the wheel has a grinding to it which is nice. 

Test 2: Age of Empires II HD Edition. 

Now this felt ultra smooth on the DPI settings which made exploring the map nice and easy and fast. Of course since I enabled Edge Scrolling, it was going south alot due to changing OBS settings but thats not the mouse, thats me. 

Test 3: Final Cut Pro X

Well this one wasn't listed since this was an actual test while editing the video. It was actually very smooth while editing and on OSX I did have to raise the DPI via the button which made things eaiser. It aslo was nice on a hard surface since when i used my other mice, they were struggling to use the wood. But the colour glowed to just one colour when using it on certain DPI settings, but thats due to no software. 

Editing the video review with the mouse on a medium DPI

The Conclusion:

Now this was a good easyish review and it went quite well. The performance for the value is nice and the design is amazing too, If you sweat in the palms or the hand then long term it might corrode it but that is an unsure hindsight. 

omracer Rating: 7/10

The Good Points:

  • Good Value (under £25)
  • High DPI of 4000 if needed
  • Beautiful design 
  • Nice range of colours to glow
  • Plug and Play
  • Software is easy to use 
  • Quite a nice size for hands
  • The cable is Braided

The Bad Points:

  • The software isn't available on OSX or Linux (only applies to Mac Gamers if any)
  • The brightness of the mouse isn't as strong as the adverts (see first picture at top of blogpost and my pictures to compare
  • There might be corrosion in the metal if you have sweaty hands or palms.

Well that is  another review. Next month will be a first Steambox Build so i'll try to review or at least type up each part of that build, maybe not a review but pics and unboxing. Also a bright way to run might be shown off too.