Monday, 8 January 2018

USB LED Bike Lights

The start of 2018 and I know I will already be using the bike and it also needed a wash and look at, which on this cloudy yet DRY day (Monday 08th), I managed to get that done and also fit these bike lights. This is just the blogpost, its not really worth the video for this simple one.

The washed bike, which this review begins

The Packaging. 

This is actually a nice red and black style colour for the packaging, we have this cheaply translated feel to it, with a generic image of a cyclist on the front as well as a shot of the lights. But it also has the Pagao drive pro which i've never heard of before. But the box is nice to see what is in there as well as a nice feel to the design. The features are clearly shown on the side. The back feels very generic but there is CE approval and also Warning and  also a bad Instrutions appeared, also yes, that is how it was shown on the box.

The front of  Box

The side of the box

The top of the box

The back of the box

Inside the Box:

Inside the box is actually pretty nice with transparent casing and it also has a basic amount inside like 2 Micro USB Cables, the rubber straps and also the 2 lights with clips on. 

The outside of the box with the stuff packed in

the kit in the box is now out

Fitting it. 

Its actually quite interesting, you fit the small part of the hook on the back of the lights with the mini ledge pushing it in, Then it wraps around the bike, then it gets put on, no biggie. But it worked fine for me. 

The bike on the front

The back light
There is a bright light that comes from this which surprised me on this. The night would make it bright as f and it was a good sign for any night biking. The button is at the top and the usb port is hidden away at the bottom. 

The Lights on

The back light lit

Another of the front shot

The back light USB Port

How the USB 


Getting the straps off and charging is pretty simple, but it has a small led light that is shown when charging. That adds a nice touch. 
Charging the cables 


This looks like a Chinese import but actually does what it says on the tin and can be a nice bike light for mah bike. 

omracer's Rating: 8/10.

The good Points: 

  • The fact that its USB
  • Bright lights
  • Easy to strap on
  • quite sturdy 

The Bad Points: 

  • The box is poorly written
  • The strap might be hard to fit if your not good at a guess. 
  • can be hard to find 

I will get more reviews done soon this year.