Thursday, 8 October 2020

NuSkin AP24 Fluoride Toothpaste

 Well, this is a surprise review that well took about a week for it to be tested properly, this was after i saw an Instagram influencer I follow advertise this, now I did not contact or order it from her, but Saw it on eBay for the cost of £10.79. So it arrived and it was time to eventually plan to review it: 

The Packaging: 

Well, this is actually something of a simple Green and white design, which does have a beauty model influence which is similar to a body shop or similar brands, but it does have the descriptions and ingredients and small text of the uses and risks of this. The little thank you label was a bright touch as well. 

The front of the Box and the thank you label 

The top of the box 

The bottom of the box 

the guidelines on the small print
The ingredients and company info 

Then it was time to open the box and see the paste tube to see what info was written on it, which actually the information was about the same as the box but only a bit clearer. 

The front of the Tube 

The back of the Tube 

Then it was time for the tests: 

The Test of paste: 

Test #1: How it looks: 

Like some pastes are different colours and most are white, well this is just a plain white one. Which in looks means there might not be any advantage for this. but its just sort of proving its the colour it supposed to make your teeth. 

This is the paste on the toothbrush

Test #2: Cleaning and taste: 

So actually when I was using it, I did feel the breath was a bit nice than some of the other brands i've used, not too minty and strong but there was some freshness there. 

Cleaning the teeth

Now, this was the final bit to finally check, well results over the chance of 7 days. 

With the results of the first time using, it won't show any in that regard, so the plan was to test it out for twice a day for 7 days and see if it works out to show any improvement. 

I'll be honest and say that there was not much improvement in the week of using it, but there were times I felt that it was starting to improve in that regard. since of the indication of the teeth did very slowly seem to go whiter but maybe it was the light reflection at night that seemed to say actually yeah, it is doing its job, maybe thats the results people were expecting and not actual white teeth. But with day 2 i did forget to brush the teeth on 

Day 1

Day 2

Now when it came to day 3, I did feel a bit of a pain on my left side of the mouth, which for some reason did draw a bit of blood, but other toothpastes used have tended to cause me to get some more bleeding but this seemed to have less bleeding on the gums than other toothpaste, like some brands will cause bleeding daily, but this one was just the once in that regard. 

Day 3

Day 4

When it came to day 5, the pain on my left side seemed to actually fade or not be noticeable at all in the most part, like yeah there is less pain now than compared to the past 2 days of using it from that teeth. 

Day 5

Now the last 2 days were pretty much as normal and less chance of any pain with the teeth. Like we did not have to worry about it. But as you see, there was a little improvement of how the teeth were becoming whiter. 

Day 6

Then the final day was the day to compare results, which it looks like no change, I feel when I look in the mirror, there is no change but you can see how you think there might be change below: 

Day 7 


Well, this is not in my good books for the current time, thats for sure, even a week or 2 after this review was filmed, I still don't see an improvement in the use of the toothpaste which makes me realise how many people have been scammed out of money from influencers regarding the essence of teeth whitening. 

omracer's Rating: 4/10

The Good: 

  • Breath does feel a small bit fresher
  • Less blood when I clean teeth with it

The Bad:

  • Very overpriced
  • No information on why its better than others on the packet
  • No improvement in short term results

Well, that is mostly it for the review to catch up on, There might be some next month but we will see. 

See you soon,