Monday, 28 October 2019

Calypso Lemonade

So, finally, the time has given me a chance to get a review of not one but 2 bottles of lemonade done. From the fair at 2 for a Fiver, . Now enjoy a maybe bit rushed review but we enjoy some oof the best drinks that are not actually too expensive.

The Bottles,

They stand out, for the most part, the brand of them. The bright yellow for the lemon. This also gives a clear detail on what happens like the ingredients used which haven even iron in it. The bottles are also really strong glass.

The bottles 

The Ocean Blue

The back of the bottle 

Tropical Mango 

The back of tropical mango 

The bottom of the glass

The Pouring: 

Now it actually looks exactly like the glass, it's probably the flavouring of it is artificial but its American drinks really.  But it really does make it attractive. 

The ocean blue look

The Tropical Mango 

 The tasting: 

Well theres a bit of bittersweetness to it actually, well both of them/ But there are differences

  • Tropical mango does have a heavy mango taste to it.
  • There is a feeling that ocean blue is more syrup but its actually just extra sweet from the lemon
But it was really good and made some good taste for the drink. 


Its one of those rare good value drinks and will makes things really tasty but it will give you a sugar buzz feeling too. 

omracer's Rating: 

Tropical mango: 7/10
Ocean Blue: 9/10

The Good Points: 

  • amazing taste
  • its a large amount
  • Blue raspberry is my dream flavour

The Bad Points: 

  • Can be hard to find without importing
  • This is really expensive if importing or from local indie sweet shops
  • Too sweet or too bitter for some people 
Well thats a quick review done, new ones are being planned with new things soon.