Friday, 10 July 2015

Schwartzkopf LIVE Color XXL 00A Absolute Platinum

So, i've been planning on doing this for a while and since my YT and Twitter Anniversaries are coming up, i think the week before was the best time to do it. So i was almost missing out on buying this due to working later than usual recently (like today i finished at 6pm).

Anyway i got this from Boots for £3.99 (it was a 2 for one offer but i'm not sure if 2 is needed), if you want to try this for yourself, pop there or if you like the amazon kind of thing, its better to be lazy and order without leaving the house.

Buying this from Boots after Work

Anyway lets get on to what it looks like.

The Packaging: 

Well its extremely bold and vibrant, much like what the product is trying to do with your hair, Abbreviations like HD to catch your eye,  a cute romantic couple with the hair that should happen and in love, and bold statements about the small print "professional quality color". But the text around is massive, safety notices, ingredients, strength of the dye, contact details and more. 

The front again, 

The side with what it contains and something about LIGHT power ( 

The other side of the product, with contact details and safety

ingredients and barcodes at the bottom

The top of the box. 
The back of the box, with more scientific 
Well its interesting to see something i've mostly ignored for the first time, but its time to look inside and check whats in. 

Time to peek inside: 

Well theres some new things i wouldn't of expected to see, well more tubes than i thought as well as even blonde powder and other odd things. Also the glovers i might of gathered would be there.

From the pics, there are clearly so much text that it would be so hard to get this in a vlog. 

Time to get it on

Well i got the gloves on, then squirted some on my hair and it was ok at first, there was a minor sting which reading the safety instructions, i should of stopped but i'm not a pussy kind of guy. So i kept going and then by 8:16, i stopped and let it sink in and should take affect, which i all honestly was a bit worried of why it wasn't, so i added the rest of the bottle, its was not too bad to get it shaken and in the bottle before putting it on. 

A pic of the hair before i started

Now the cream is on it

This is halfway through the grace period

Then it was clear it wasn't as much

Well more was applied. 

Then it got better

I was leaving it a bit longer and it starting showing a colour

A selfie with the possibly ginger style

After the shower 

Well its better but looks ginger :)

This looks like the colour it should kinda be

the back of the hair

Well here it is, the final results

A clearer sign of the hair

The conclusion:

So it finally worked, it took over 2 hours to sort out but it finally looks different and actually it does change colour, maybe not the advertised colour but meh. With all this in mind: 

omracer's rating: 5/10

The good points: 

  • The value is good (under £5)
  • It does change the colour of the hair

The bad Points: 

  • It can be scary with the safety notices inside the manual
  • it does look complicated to prepare
  • The colour is not as advertised (in this case from the pics)
  • The sign of stinging is supposed to mean a bad skin reaction, so i could be fucked for ignoring it later on, but typing this it felt comfortable

Well looks like i get to change my life from now as a new haired feeder