Thursday, 6 August 2015

Rii K02 Mini bluetooth Keyboard and touchpad

Well, with my onda still going strong and realizing I can play some steam games like simcity 4 or even FNAF is you wanted to. I decided that i should get a mini keyboard and mouse set but one problem was that having to connect the USB OTG cable to the dongle for most sets means i lose USB usage, aka no charging while using it. So i decided to look for one, ideally with a touchpad so i could have the mouse (like laptops do). So after searching IRL (PC world/Currys due to a washing machine shopping trip on Sunday), i found the Rii K02. Which was a mini bluetooth and touchpad combo which was £16, thinking it was too goo to be true, i bought it and now after sunday to Thursday (02/08 to 06/08) it arrived and here is a review.

You can buy the UK version from HERE.

The video review is below, But below that is where this post comes in..

The Packaging

This was a plain cardboard box with the Rii details on 3 of the sides (1 at top, 2 on front & back) which was mostly small print, legi anti-counterfeit certificates and EAN an Product codes. oh and a QR code for good measure. 

The bottom of the box

The front of the box

The back of the box

The top of the box

Inside the box:

Well the box was a unique way of how its made, (slots in the top and bottom, but it opens up from the front, which then your presented with: 
  • The Keyboard itself
  • A mini USB Cable
  • A Thank You card 
  • A English Manual (pocket sized)

Inside of the box, featuring a manual, thank you card, Mini USB Cables and the keyboard itself

They Keyboard itself, its tiny 

A close up of the touchpad

The back of the keyboard

Something pops out of here

Oh look, a mini dongle

Thanks Rii

A mini thank you and please leave feeback card

Well it was not too bad, at least it came with a manual, which was small but in English.

The front

Whats compatible

Sections 1 2 and 3

Section 4

Section 4 and 5

A better look at the product overview. 

Testing the Keyboard

Now this was the sort of tough bit, will the keyboard AND touchpad actually work or is this just a gimmick, so i followed the guide and plugged it into charge, it was in the solar power bank first, then into my router (both charged fine, except after a while, the charging light disappears).
Charging the keyboard, i'm not using the cable that went with it and its still fine :)
Then i turned it on and held the Bluetooth button down, it paired very nicely (this was on Windows 10 Home x86/32bit on my desktop AND the ONDA v820w).
Seeing the keyboard 

Asking me to Pair the Keyboard

Its setting itself up

All done

Then it was laggy on the touchpad at first but it worked fine, the keys were nice and the fn keys work as they should do. The keys had a nice click to them as well, but rapid typing is no way easy on it, if your looking for that, this is NOT for you. There is no tapping but thats fine, Holding the left button and dragging and dropping worked fine too, Also FN + F1  = white backlight
Getting it working with the ONDA :)


Showing how big my thumb is over one key (it covers too)

Just to make it clearer how small the buttons are 

An extra thing not to miss.

Also this is a laser pointer, no seriously it has one. this is going to be fun. 
it doesn't look like it, but its there

its on the right hand side of the keyboard

The laser works well in low light . 

The conclusion 

After testing, enjoying rescuing the cat who escaped to next door neighbour's Camper van and the laser pointer made her rush back home with ease. Also games worked fine and this is ideal for a mini match of age of empires :).

omracer's rating: 6/10

The good Points:

  • A touchpad, Keyboard and Laser Pointer
  • its Bluetooth, aka no dongle needed with most devices these days, it includes one too
  • Easy to pair and setup
  • Ideal for travel

The bad points: 

  • The item is good value except £6 for Royal mail tracked postage (economy delivery is a bit steep) 
  • Big fingers might struggle with the keyboard or rapid typing. 
  • The touchpad only supports one finger and no tapping (doesn't matter for me but some might hate it.

Hopefully more reviews to come in the later weeks, but for now, enjoy.