Wednesday, 30 September 2015

HB092C Multi-Function Keyboard with Touchpad

Well this review wasn't a suprise but also it was a realization of what i Should of got for my ONDA v820w, since as much as the Rii K02 is nice, typing on it wasn't as decent as I thought it would be along with the fact that this one feels more like the docks for the various 2 in one tablets i've read, heard and seen so much about.

Now sadly I felt like utter shit with a cold while typing this review up since I might of overdid it with a recent night out and then a late home visit after work on Monday night so i was really not feeling too good for it. I was going to buy the version made by 1ByOne but i didn't really want to pay extra for delivery so i bought this from eBay instead on Monday night and then it arrived on the Wednesday which was nice :). I paid £12.85 inc P&P (Royal Mail 24 Hour non tracked) & inc VAT.

As i was playing Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures (Yes i bought that from steam last year but never played it until a few days ago and used GameDVR which worked on 10 using a SCP DS3's Driver), I had to hoover up and then i saw it arrived in my letterbox so i was smiley after the chore.

The front of the Package

This was the part with my address on but i took it off and the cat was going to play with it.

The Packaging.

Now this time it was a very slim box as well as the colour scheme was clear and the details were concise. Its also cool that the translations are pretty accurate which makes it feel more english. The white and blue was a good colour scheme which although does it give it a knock off feel, it still feels clear. Also it mentions the specification and whats in the box. which is below: 
  • Bluetooth Specifications: Bluetooth 3.0
  • Dimensions: 258x172.5x7.7 MM (millimetres)
  • Operating Range: Up to 10 Metres
  • Modulation System: GFSK
  • Standby Time: 90 days
  • Charge Time <4 hours="" li="">
  • Uninterrupted Work Time (aka non stop usage time): >_40 Hours
  • Lithium Battery Capacity: 280 mAh
  • Lithium Battery Life: 3 Years
  • Key Life: 3 Million Years
  • 1 x Bluetooth Keyboard
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
Theres also various logos like the CE and the FC and Recycling ones too.

The bottom of the keyboard with the specs and info

The top of the with the model number a pic of the keyboard too

The side of the box just has this on both sides

The front and back of the box 

A peek inside: 

Since the box was flat, the keyboard will defiantly be a slim one. Also since there was a choice of for the white even though the ebay listing said it was black. But it was nicely packaged and so much so that the usb cable looked like it was missing but it was right at the bottom. Also the manual was detailed but simple to follow, it was quite a small sized manual.

The top of the Keyboard in its cellofane

A close look at the leds and the on and off switch

The left hand side of the front of the kevboard

The right hand side of the bottom of the keyboard and theres a button to turn off the touchpad as well

The micro USB charging point on the right hand side of the keyboard

The front of the Manual

Peeking inside the manual with the touchpad gestures

More info inside the manual such as how to pair the keyboard and mini notes about what it can and cant do.

Time to type and test

Now after unwrapping the keyboard and plugging it in to the solar charger/power bank and turning it on, I pressed FN + C and after a minute, it appeared and i tried to pair it, i messed up the first time but the 2nd time it paired and it felt like a normal laptop with the typing and the touchpad and it was much easier to get this blogpost typed up with the tablet and it looked more professional to a budget degree as well. But I'll be honest and say the touchpad can go a bit skitz sometimes because of the connection and maybe the gestures can confuse you as well, it does with my laptop so i could turn them off which is more convenient, but you can't with this one which is a shame. 

Typing felt more fluent than the Rii and a little less fluent than a real usb keyboard, sure there was once that the right shift was nearly sticking but that was easily solved and it wasn't, it could happen at any time. But when you put both together, it looks nice and similar to a 2 in 1 device. 
The led when charging

How it looks even though its not connect at this point

I forgot to show what the USB Cable looks like

Getting it paired

It works nicely

The touchpad can be smudged easily if you sweat when you type

Well it was a quick review but i think its time to get the ratings sorted:

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The good points:

  • Fast delivery
  • Very slim but a nice wide size (netbook size)
  • Very easy to charge
  • Bluetooth which will work Windows and Android 

The bad points:

  • Some keys might stick
  • The touchpad has those windows gestures which make it confusing for me
  • There can be some delay, it might be temperamental if you need it the most

Well this is a mini review done and since Goose Fair is coming up there might be some Tat i get to review since i get Thursdays off and that should give me some time to review as well as edit and i should be able to feel better by then.