Tuesday, 15 November 2016

omracer's Steambox: The GTX 1050 addtion

This is the final upgrade to this PC, a GTX card. With its performance an ideal mention for my gaming needs and the price of £134.99. This was it, here you can see how it will really perform and boy it did really Good. The video was below:

The Unboxing

Technically, this has already been unboxed which you can see here. But the presentation is nice along with the features and so on and so forth. But the side by side of this combo is a way to go :).

The Steambox and the GTX
The top of the box

The back of the box

The gigabyte card on the top of the box

The Fitting. 

This was actually quite a smooth move and not a struggle compared to the normal desktop. But it was longer than i thought, which doesn't matter since its not too long and the cables are fitting in nicely. It works with the LEDS on the board and on the case as well, a green strip might make it perfect but thats for another day. 

A close up from behind 

its fitted

The lights really work with the card here, except maybe a green strip. 
Then it posted, the drivers installed and temperature was hovering at 29C. Which was pretty good, Geforce 375.70 was installed and them time to test. 

The testing of games.

So, we have a few games to test, with the results making me realise the games i can play in 1080p on HIGH at almost 60FPS means this is the card I wanted. So Lets start, since Afterburner is installed and showing the results. The list is:

  • Rocket League
  • Goat Simulator
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon World
  • Arkham Origins
  • Sonic Lost World
  • Ridge Racer Unbounded

Rocket League:

This was a improvement by far, which the smoothness was very nice and it was really nice to finally play a game in 1080p with over 60fps. High Quality shaders was off to give a little boost. But now i can stream online if I need to. 

The settings used for this. 

Those framerates are pretty good :)

Rollercoaster Tycoon World

This was a suprise, due to the power of the gpu. There was a good framerate of 50fps with full high settings minus AA.  The way the placing of the rides was fast and easy. The terrain looked beautiful and well, its finally amazing to see how it looks. 

The settings used

That Sunrise or sunset though

The rides look good here 

Ridge Racer Unbounded.

This was finally the game could play. RR was smooth, beautiful and no lag unlike the PS3 version which was 30FPS. Don't worry too much about the Antistropy, it doesn't make much difference i feel. 
The rays from that sun

The niceness of the Road, also its been a while since I played RR

Sonic Lost World

This was not much of an improvement in beauty but in framerate, was a nice boost. That full 60fps at 1080p let alone 720p. But it really makes this a good game in its looks, with the Sonic physics. 

The settings used 

How the game looks, ok this was not the ideal part of the level. 

Arkham Origins. 

This was one of those titles I thought would struggle but was smooth at most parts on high settings at 1080p. But if i lowered some settings, there would be some good intense frame boosts. 

The settings used

That view was a decent one 

Goat Simulator. 

This was actually a good sign too, with its smooth 60fps at 1080p. Loading screens did lower the rates but it was still smooth and pretty. I'm not expecting amazing graphics in a game based off a april fools prank. 

The settings 

More of the settings

Well the goat looks good 


This game was the main reason for the buying of the card. and it performs smooth af. With 60.3FPS constant at 1080p, it might finally make my score nice. I hope to be getting S Ranks on this card soon. 


All in all the 1050 is a solid card and for the budget of £130 it can really stack up to be a contender, sure its not a card for the ULTRA 4K MSSAA Master Race but it still makes the competition fierce and the casual PC gamer happy as a larry. This will make some good streams and videos as well later on in its life. More PC gaming videos will follow i reckon. 

More reviews to be coming soon, especially  with the Christmas period now starting as well.