Monday, 13 March 2017

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

This was the second part of the bundle from banggood I purchased. However this one was to replace the Vidonn X6 which was getting wrecked from my life of running and its lasted me on a night out you know. But with new plans, I had to have a smarter one that was more durable, Xiaomi was the answer and for almost the same price (cheaper since it was from Banggood) then Why should I say no. Amazon also have it as well. The video is below:

The Packaging. 

Xiaomi really make it simple here with a White box and simplistic designs and a photo of the product. Which for this is no harder to understand than a billboard for a shop. The Mi logo is more fitting to the box than the logo they use mostly and the back has a lot of small print. Since this is technically not a global edition, it is mostly in Chinese which makes it off putting for some people but if you buy from Asia, you will get this happen to you. But Enough said. 

The bundle if your wondering

The top of the box 

The stock barcode Bangood 

The mi logo on the top 

The back of the box with the details on the band

A Lift inside

Now the presentation of the Mi band inside is spot on, very similar to the Redmi with the tab to pull it which makes it easier to get to underneath the band for the accessories The mi band is hard to get out of the box in all honesty but its only cardboard, lets not be too petty about it. Then we can get to the starp which the manual is showing underneath as a fold out booklet. Then we have the very short charging cable which one of those petty people will say "its too short" which these days can be solved with a power bank or a USB extension Cable. Then we have the nice strap which is a decent black and also gives a better fitting to the wrist. 

The Mi Band in the box

Lift the tab open and this is what you see

The strap itself 

The very short charging lead

How the bottom of the strap looks

Part of the Manual

The manual in further

We now get to the last part of the manual

The Setup

Now we cry, this is usually hard, well if you don't charge it first, then yes it is. Since it was shipped with only 1% battery which stressed me out (not the thing itself, more time to get this done quicker) so I had to charge it while walking rosie which defeats the point of  Smart Band like this. But once that was done, I installed the Mi Health App from Play Store (its not actually in the Redmi 4 China rom either if you really do care) and then let the app set up, Its the usual sign up for a Mi Account  then put in your health details, you know height in cm and weight (its in kg so don't guess like i did else it means a 30lbs weight gain for normies is a nightmare for the feabie life, well don't get wet). then you can sync it and the Band will update firmware first then once thats is done, you should be able to use the app and get it going with syncing it to google fit, starting intense workouts and more.

How the connector looks

When you can't change the weight

This is the nomal screen you will have 

This will be appearing from time to time, from firmware to fonts

You can see here how Google Fit integrates with the Mi Band

Testing some heartrates to see how it feels


Now from the testing i've done which is my normal life, it really does have a better accuracy to the band life which for me is ideal, I can know when i'm pushing myself and also know when I need to push myself more. Which for the half marathon coming up in April (its actually a shorter distance than the time it took me to run to Tavi Morrisons from Mutley Plain/Goodbodies) then i need to see what my best is without doing more than I already do. That and the Vidonn had a misleading app which means it never recorded my sleep properly. But from an easy purchase to much more information about myself shown to me, I'm impressed. 

omracer's Rating: 8/10

The Good Points: 

  • Good Value for Money
  • Google fit works with the app
  • Easy to change strap since it detaches
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Easy design and setup in App
  • Clear screen. 
  • Strap looks stronger material than Vidonn
  • No issues with Tile for Bluetooth

The Bad Points: 

  • This isn't the global edition (for people who really care about English writing on the boxes) 
  • The USB Cable to charge it could be longer 

And thats that, now I have to wait for Xiaomi to unlock the Bootloader for the Redmi 4 before you can get a decent review of that phone. But for now, i'll might fill in some short reviews if they take their time,