Saturday, 4 March 2017

Patak's Lime Pickle

This was a spur of the moment review of a extra that is spicy and lush when ordering from a Indian Takeout, and as I was near Tesco after a home Visit with a somewhat regular customer who i see every 6 months or so. As i was shopping, looking for deals, I noticed this coming in at £1.00, normally its £1.99 on Tesco direct. Amazon have a pack of 2 at various times. We will have a look :)

The Packaging.

Patak's have quite a bold theme to represent their take on the food culture of India and the East. With Purple, Green and other contrasting colours surrounding the jar of 283g of lime Pickle, you can feel its brand from the looks. There backstory gives it a more personal touch as well with how the brand have lasted this long and they deserved to last for generations to come. 

The front of the Jar, with the design of Patak's being the forefront of it 

The 1st side of the jar with the story at the top and the bar code as well as ingredients 

The other half of 

The top of the Jar

The bottom of the Jar

How Does it look for eating ?

Well, the looks of it is pretty different when you compare it Branston Pickle or even some Red Onion chutney. But the chunks are there which makes it seems like a nice thick paste so when eating, it doesn't go straight through me. I could have no drips when i dipped my finger in it for a closer look. 

The pickle on my finger

Then we finally add it to a meal, which in this case it was slightly blended in but you can still see a remain of the texture which is nice. This was a Peri Peri Chicken Curry with rice, beef, potato Wedges, nutella, crisps and thats about it

The Meal it was combined in

A Taste to Conclusion

AS i put it on my finger and ate the pickle, it did taste of Lime and also that kick to it, its not a massive intense kick like the hot variant but there is a slight difference in flavour compared to what some Indian Cuisines will offer with Poppadoms. If you ate a bigger amount like what was featured on the plate, then there will be a spicier taste to it. But with that in mind.

omracer's Rating: 6/10

The Good Points: 

  • A good taste
  • Quite chunky in looks
  • Patak's have a good design on packaging
  • Reasonable Value when on a Promotion

The Bad Points: 

  • The looks might make it look like a toilet remains
  • The medium flavour can have a stronger kick than guessed
  • It can be hard to find in some stores

More reviews are coming soon :)