Saturday, 1 April 2017

Holland and Barrett Maximum Strength Aloe Vera Juice

This is the Review which is to help me prep for an event soon, this month. Which I might need to be more toned or have a major detox and since Aloe Vera Juice is a favourite drink of mine, it was time to taste some strong version of it. This does exactly that for £6.64 each (half price) from Holland and Barrett and you can see why below: 

The Bottle,

This is a thick bottle to show of the 946ml of juice inside, in a white design, it seals the contents quite nicely and the sticker has a lot of small print but its clear enough to read without needing to lean in or some cases, wear glasses. The front of the bottle is quite clear and "MAXIMUM STRENGTH" is a good sign this will perform they way you want it t. Its heavy when lifting it as well so that doesn't make it a false product either. 

The size of the bottle

The front of the bottle

The middle part of the bottle

the back of the bottle. 

The top of the bottle

A look at the juice and a taste test

So with this, I opened the seal and poured some into a glass and it looks like lime cordial in a slight way and it was interesting there was no pellets of aloe vera in this, But it was also like the colour of the packaging on the bottle, I think thati s a clever idea. 

a look at the juice and it looks clear

when you look from the side, you see a slight lime cordial looking drink

Then it was the tasting, which to be fair is MUCH different than i would EXPECT it to be. Now it has a slightly Bitter taste to it, like lemon juice, you can feel it appearing in the throat after a short time but its not really strong but not invisible either, Its not an addictive drink and shortly after 2 glasses of it to drink for the review, I needed the toilet, which means it might actually do its job. 

A drink of this 

The Conclusion:

All in all, this drink is not meant to be a everyday drink, but as mentioned on the packaging, a supplement to detox yourself with so it doesn't taste good enough to be a only drink it unless you really want to empty yourself (actually me), with this in mind:

omracer's Rating: 6/10

The Good Points: 

  • The bottle is full of the juice
  • it can help detox or empty the stomach
  • The advice is quite clear to read
  • i went toilet shortly afterwards

The Bad Points: 

  • its quite expensive EVEN at HALF PRICE 
  • The taste can be a bit bitter
  • I went toilet shortly afterwards

And there we have it , a review done at the start of April, I have more reviews coming soon as well.