Friday, 7 April 2017

SCART to MHL/HDMI Converter

Well one product i've been wanting to try out is a SCART to HDMI Converter. This was actually tested when I sold one to a customer in work for his VHS since he bought a LG TV and it got me an idea. Would this work for PS1 Games so i can stream them on Twitch. With the feeling of nostalgia beaming it at me with. The cost of this was actually 12.55.  The video will be below:

The Packaging. 

There is no packaging, only an envelope. 

The envelope with the converter

A Look at the contents. 

This was pretty simple. There was the Converter, the cable and the manual. Simple but it was actually readable and also not hard to get setup. The power cable is actually quite nice and with some retro consoles that have a usb port but not a hdmi port. This is ideal really. 

The top of the converter

underneath it

The scart port with input above it 

The Scart Input

The Power Cable

The manual

The otherside of the manual

Setting it up. 

It was actually very simple to setup. So I got the PS1 out and the Capture box to see if it would work, which it actually does quite nicely. But I saw it in a nice sharp manner and it was actually widescreen too. It was useful for the Logic3 PS1 Video Cable which it can work on PS3 too.

The Boxx Connected to the hdmi

The main concept and it works

How it connects to the Logic 3 adapter

What it shows when plugged in and turned on.

A Play Test: 

1: Rage Racer (720p)

So, Rage Racer was the first to try and MY GOD it was sharp and quite responsive. Now the contrast was on 100 for my TV so the colour was slightly off but adjusting the TV can fix that.  I turned the lights on to make it seem ok. I could race quite nicely. I would say a ideal way. Recording it to the Box worked first time.

how it looks in 720p on a 48" HD TV

2: Point Blank/Gun Bullet (720p)

This was tricky to get working on the capture box but eventually it worked. But there was a sound delay on the soundbar compared to the old Beko TV. 

Point Blank

3: Crash Bandicoot 2 (1080p)

Now we celebrate the N Sane Trilogy coming on PS4 and the Hang Eight Level being shown (embedded) . Well, I did this on 1080p to compare it. You can really tell the detail is not as sharp as 720p was. But it was still playable. There was no major lag but it was either me being old or some missing jumps, but it was also this big border around which maybe it was showing 720p on a 1080p resolution. 

How it shows on the TV in 1080p


This actually does the job well and it now lets me play retro titles for twitch or for a YT video in good quality. 

omrascer's Rating: 8/10

The Good Points:

  • Awesome Value
  • Easy to Setup
  • Can be used off USB or Mains Plug
  • Works with Capture cards or Capture Boxes
  • LightGuns work (if a CRT TV is connected)

The Bad Points: 

  • Can be hard to source or to find the right one (not a HDMI to Scart) 
  • Some sharpness can be lost in the 1080p mode
  • Some lag that is very minor unless you need like 2ms precision in games but I don't even know if this is true.

There will be more reviews soon.