Friday, 30 September 2016

Morrison's Great British Chicken, Ham and Leek Pie

A difference in review, we review a PIE, No seriously, we do. This was a Chicken Pie from Morrison's when my mum was on a shopping trip a few weeks ago. Its something that was just on the top of my head when doing a home visit hours before. Costing £2, this was well worth it, or was it.
The video is below for people that want to see a easier review.

The Patriotic Packaging 

This was actually a really British feel to it, with the union jack and the coronation fonts, it makes it seem like a classic British meal or even comfort food. The sides all have the same design on which is a surprise compared to most products I've reviewed in the past. There is High in Fat and Saturates, which for people is a no no, but for feabie members there is a yes to those in the 😍 consequences. Also there is wet signs due to this being defrosted. This is also nice to help that brexit spirit

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This is the side of the box

The massive amount of details on the back 
Then we look at the Pie, which is a nice standard and large roundness which is what comfort food like this should be shaped like. The foil is not as stiff around it, so don't expect it to stay in upside down, but it does stay in when slightly thrown up in the air. 

The Pie

See how loose it is in the Case of tin foil

Time To Cook

This is the part, now the instructions are pretty accurate as far as from my experience is concerned, since if chilled, its a 35 minute cooking in the own at 180C. Which I originally did at 200 but lowered it to be more precise with the instructions. I put it on a tray (which i used to cook a 40 piece of chicken a few days before). It fitted which was nice, then in on the top shelf and set for 39 minutes to go. 
In the Oven

The timer starts 
So, While waiting it to cook, I played Pacman 256 for a bit which is a good time passing. But soon it was coming up to 12 minutes, So i had a check on it, which it was starting to look crispy on the pastry and the heat inside was getting there. 

The Pie was looking good

Cutting it and the meat was looking alright inside. 
Soon, after extending it for another 20 minutes or so, it was finally ready after that. 

The Dishing and tasting

Here we are, the Pie was ready, I cut into it and it looked hot and gooey with steam coming out of it along with the pastry nice and nearly fully black. So I cut it out, or managed to then dished it out, mmmmmmm.
The Pie is ready and it looks quite nice 
Then it was time to get this eaten, which of course, adding sauces and things like Baked Beans to make it classic meal. There were extras but thats on twitter along with my other meals as ususal. 

with the beans, funnily enough, it was morrisons branded baked beans 

So, it was time to eat, and it was really nice, although it might of been cooler than it looked when I ate it, but the flavour was really there, with a melt in the mouth without cheese and also the mixture of the chicken and ham is nice too. Adding my usual extras made it nice and varied the flavour but on its own, its a nice texture that you don't have to force yourself to eat. With this in mind

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The Good Points:

  • Nice size
  • Good Value
  • Patriotic or brexit design
  • Easy to get the pie out of the box 
  • Loose Tin
  • Nice flavour 

The Bad Points: 

  • Can be tricky to cook if your not sure on times
  • Can be fattening if your not a feedist
  • Getting the slices cut up and put on the plate can be tricky without making it fall on the floor

More Reviews coming in the next week, maybe more mini food ideas.