Sunday, 25 September 2016

SJ8000 4K Wifi Action Camera

This was a surprise for me, but this review happened when I was pondering on ebay since I found out i had a £15 off £30 purchase if i paid via the mobile app and also I had some money in Paypal from a refund of a chargeback case against me for a copy of RCTW i posted to someone (physically put through the Royal Mail system). Which this was £31 including Postage.

If you want this one, you can buy the one i bought from eBay seller Comyur or amazon might have some 

The video is below

The Box, 

Now lets see how this looks, its actually very well designed for a Chinese product, which has some good features like 4K ULTRA HD and ACTION CAMERA as well as pictures of Mid to Extreme Sports pictured, but the main fact you see the camera is a good sign as well so you know its real, as the meme suggests. Wifi and 2.0" LCD are listed. 

The front of the box

The top of the front of the box

The sides of the box are more on the diagrams of the sports this can handle such as Skiing, Cycling, Rock climbing, Pyramid climbing something on a plane and even Sailing. But there are QR codes for the App this supports which is not too bad to be fair. There is also a sticker on stock code from the supplier i bought from on eBay.

The icons for sports this can handle

Pictures of sports along with the stock code and QR codes for the apps. 

Then we have the back of it which lists the full specs of the camera along with the Multipurpose and other things the camera can be used for, like a Dashcam or a CCTV system on the budget.

A massive table of the specifications on the back 

Then we open up the contents 

Now to be fair, for the money, you get quite alot in terms of accessories for the camera, like hooks and straps and some cables which makes this quite attractive, they did the nice thing of the camera sealed into the waterproof casing, which is ok but can be very stiff to get out, some of the bits are the same but i just did a picture of it all in, makes it easier to see i feel. 

How it looks in the box

A closer look

Some of the parts layed out

More parts

Even more parts

a bit more

more parts but the manual and camera included

The Manual

This was hard to understand along with the print being too small, which makes it look like its not worth having, except the pictures do make it worth it to see what accessory goes on what part of sporting equipment. But that took some detail to look at 3 or 4 times before evening knowing it was talking about the screws that are long, one half is traditional Chinese too. 

The front of the manual

Part way in

The chinese side of the manua

Another part of it

Setting up the Camera

Now it was time to use it, which after seeing it in the case, which worked quite a treat, I had to take it out of the case to fit a 1GB Micro SD card since thats is all i have since i loaned my other cards to my parents for their holiday. But it worked nicely and I looked at the settings for it, there were a fair whack of options i could use. From lowering resolutions to adding a watermark and more. 

The front of the Camera

The back of the camera

The back of the camera with the menu on

the camera out of the case

a look at the connections and the Micro SD card slot

Video Settings 

the list of resolutions to choose from

imaging options

what the options photo mode can do

the General settings like formatting the card and reset and firmware version.

The testing

Part 1: Normal Use

Now i would have high hopes for this camera and to be fair, it didn't dissapoint for the money it was costing me, Since it recorded 720p at 60FPS and thats a decent settings, which for the 1st test clip, was not that good but the cycling one really shown how fast it could handle. 

The details on the video

But the images were a bit of a let down, sure the quality was good but they were not Widescreen which makes this a major shame for blogposts and wide shots but it confuses me since if video can be widescreen, so can be the pictures, but oh well, also the light was slightly too bright for it, like a webcam style problem, but this only had an ISO of 50. 

A picture near a pond

That fisheye angle isn't that good in the selfie

the details of the image
But fitting the handlebar accessory was a bit of a nightmare since the screws were falling out and the rubber piece and also the diagram was too small to understand what was needed, ok it took me nearly 8 minutes to get fitted but that is still longer than usual for a simple put on a handbar type bit. 

preparing to fit the bit onto the bike

the front of the camera when its fitted

from the riders view, it looks ok but sometimes hard to focus on or the traffic

But when cycling, it was stable and working, minus a slight fault of tilting left and right which meant readjusting to it every so often to keep it straight. Also the sound was muffled when in the casing, just be aware of it when using it. 

a pic while trying to tilt it

Part 2: The PC Cam

This could also be used as a webcam, this was plug and play once you select PC cam on the menu if the cable was plugged in, it gave me 720p at 60 fps which was not too blurry but there was a bit of pixelation so that might not look good in some social eating streams which i'm planning on doing so this helps me .

OBS has the details, the mic does not work with it

how it looks on a stream for example

The Conclusion

So then, with a £32 action cam, how do i think it performed, I think it performed very well, it did what it said on the tin and using it was simple, no DLSR training needed. ok the wifi is a bit to work on if your not sure, but its not turned on unless you want it to be, a webcam mode is nostalgic but useful and a removable battery means you have a backup to buy if you need it. 

With this lot in mind

omracer's Rating: 8/10

The Good Points: 

  • its pocket size
  • good value
  • removable battery
  • 720p @ 60FPS
  • the brackets for bikes are included 
  • standard connections like micro usb, micro sd and micro hdmi
  • webcam mode
  • easy to use

The Bad points: 

  • The manual is a bit of a not easy to understand
  • if your a wuss with strength, the case for the camera is hard to open
  • no widescreen support for photo mode
  • the audio quality is not as good as i once thought, muffling and low quality
  • There is a possible chance of overheating if overused

And that goes another review, I hope you enjoyed it and I will try to use it more soon.

Might be more reviews next week or the week after on food products if I have time