Friday, 23 September 2016

Volkano Sports Series Black and Red VS203bkr

So, its more earphones, now sadly one of the earphones i bought in work in May, the 360° ZS-2 Water Resistant Sports Earphones. Which were ok until last week when one earpiece died and basically Veho said just go and get a replacement from the reseller. Which in my case was speak to a distributor i bought them from, they kindly gave work a credit note and told me to throw them away, veho then said to me about discount for a replacement which I might follow up and review.

But for now, we try a South african brand of earphones, yes you heard that. Volkano. Which 2 suppliers at work have offered me, one has been a bit of the we can do everything bluetooth earphones which then have stuck buttons, but this was a sports earphone as i normally buy them, or so i thought.

You can buy them HERE which is funnily enough, the same price of £13 that Work was selling them at. But eBay and Amazon have no idea on the brand in terms of the earphones or headphones.

The Packaging. 

Now this is a Red and black affair, but the design of the item, with icons for the devices which can use it, A simple phone icon, a Vita/GBA shape and a ipod with equaliser inside. Now you have a actual picture of a Guy, (a bit faded out of him ,but with his polished grease lightning hair and somewhat twight reference eyes and face, with a shirt coloured orange design. The box opened in a new and cool way, like a flap which then shows the earphones inside. 

The front of the box 

If you open the flap up, then this is it
 But then the sides, then thats simple, one has the volkano logo in Red and the other has got "Volkano Sports Series" with some of it in a reflective silver and red for the sports series. But then the back, which has its paragraph or 3 of minimalist text. With a blurb at the top about the product range, to then icons and the V logo, which leads into the details of the earphones. The adjectives are nicely used and not that Chinese advertising text you would expect, like proper English. Well played to those designers of the packaging, Finally we get the Specs and the safety notes which are useful yet irrelevant due to the digital age children of the selfie and possible trump generation are. 

The side of the box with the V

Volkano Sports earphones

The back which gives the blurb and specs

  Inside the box and setting up the earphones

Now we come to uboxing these nice ravishing earphones, with a little feature i was worried about, the actual earphoines cable are shorter but they do provide an extension, which is ok but maybe not idea for trying to use it when running or tight jeans. Also another fault is that the hooks are NOT actually ATTACHED to the earphones, and attaching them was ok but it was close to popping off in some respect but in one way, its a good thing since it can make any earphones sports ones which is cheaper in the long run but that has not been tested nor do i want to expect this to happen. 

The clearer picture of the box

Uncover and you see more

Then we see how short the normal cable is

This is how they hook on (almost literally)
When i fitted them on, they were prety solid in the fitting, which I wore them while sitting down and did not fall out one bit, but I will be wondering when running in them. 

How they fit on one side

How they fit on the other ear

The testing, a Run to work 

So then, trying these out was not as easy as i thought, since WITHOUT using the extension cable, the cable was 10mm short, Since when running and listening to various sounds like Antifreeze and Lush Life (a slightly different remix than the one used for the POWWOW TV), i noticed the left ear was not as clear with every step i take for running and also it was some muffling in there too which is a shame really, Since i also had to adjust my iPod Nano and clip it to jeans to be able to keep it stable but changing tracks is a bit of a pain that way. But there was almost a very slight sign of the left ear trying to pop out, this worries me a bit.

My advice would be use the extension cable since thats the best option, but its a bit of a shame Volkano went for this approach, since it makes things trickier in a shape or form. But I reckon the real test will be when i have a Night out on the day after I bought these.


This might of been a rush purchase but to be fair, I wanted to try these sports ones to see if they can handle an omracer lifestyle of running places with loud video game OST being inspiring to the mind and (if playing any Sonic OST), faster on the legs. So far i don't think they will last as long as I would need them too. 

omracer's Rating: 5/10

 The Good Points:

  • The ear hooks are detachable
  • The colour of them is nice
  • The packaging is clear and hipster looking
  • Built in Mic
  • An extension lead is included

The Bad Points: 

  • The earhooks can be fiddly to attach
  • The sound has a muffled feel to it on loud
  • The cable is 10mm too short to be easy to use without the extension
  • The price is a bit on the steep end than I normally buy earphones like these at