Saturday, 24 September 2016

Natural Elements HOT Chilli Chocolate Shower Gel

This was delay, i really apologise for this, but I've wanted to do this for a while, a SHOWER GEL review. So here it is, a bargain from trago mills, Natural Elements HOT chilli chocolate shower gel. Does it work, will it help me get a girl like the Lynx advert offered on their chocolate spray years ago. Lets try to find out.

You can Buy it from HERE since that's the only place online easily selling it. I got mine for £0.25 from Trago Mills on clearance offer.

The Packaging

This is a simple tube, with a creative design thats a light hearted joke but works nicely, ok its hard to see the HOT but thats a nice twist i think. But the back is full of text, now shower gels have to be due to safety, skincare and also how to use along with details and ingredients.

The Using: 

Well one thing with this is that the stuff, its running and looks slightly discoloured melted milk chocolate. But it does wash off easily, even though it can stain the carpet and curtains if not sorted quickly, But when you lotion it on you, it feels runny and smooth when you put it on your skin, which it does the usual foam when rubbing it in. The gel can thin even more and then just wash off but keep the freshness and the chocolate smell is there but very temporary is the smell of chocolate but if your lucky, it can linger and give you that chocolate smell and hopefully make it work on ladies and so on and so forth. 

How it looks on the hands

This is what it looks like when rubbed in to the skin

How it shows on my legs

The reaction & Conclusion

Well to be fair, when i;m out, No one has smelled chocolate on me except my sister and family and that was once, which means this gel isn't as strong as i would expect it to be, but then again is cost me £0.25 so i'm not expecting me being like a chocolate man. With this in mind

omracer's Rating: 4/10

The Good Points: 

  • It looks good in design
  • There is a smell of chocolate
  • It is soft on the skin
  • its cheap (this price was anyway)

The Bad points

  • The smell isn't strong so this won't work on a night out or working long day, a major worry
  • If not washed out, stains can happen
  • the actual gel colour might put people off

More reviews coming soon :)