Friday, 28 July 2017

Tao Kae Noi Tempura Seaweed Original

This review is one that was a quick impulse, with the dogwalking going ahead as usual, I had to pick some stuff up from Tesco for tea that night, As i was in the section for Mexican bits, I saw this Tempura seaweed for £1.76, so i went for it. Tesco usually do imports but Amazon have these as well. Enjoy the quick Review below:

The Packaging

Its actually quite nice, its clear, it shows what it is-ish. The logos are cute and it has a sort of representation of what it is, which in one way, it always looks amazing in pictures but never in real life. Most of the packaging is in English which can be a bit of a hmm moment, considering its a Thai import, the ingredients was stuck on but its still a nice touch to the design. For some it can be too OTT to want to purchase but thats also the charm of it. 

The Front of the packet

A closer look

The front top bit

There can be a bit too much text on the back but this is probably related to imports. It still shows it off nicely.

A look at the back. 

The look inside:

Now actually, the amount you get for 40g is not that much, that statement when theres more air in the bag that the crisps, its true for these snacks, There is  alot of empty space in the packets. But this can make it easier to reach for them.But each one, was actually more flatter than originally shown in the pics.

This can show how empty the package can be
Each part has a nice look of it, with the shape of it and the layered of seaweed on the bit.

This then shows how the slices look like

different shapes for them too

The taste is amazing, there is the taste of cripsy seaweed and a extra kick which makes it nice, sure the base isn't that interesting but it makes it mix with the nice texture of the seaweed really well. It was moorish and could easily eat a few packets if not careful.

Eating it

it was nice 

The conclusion:

These are pretty good, the value is nice since its the same price as the more expensive crisps in supermarkets. The taste is authentic and there is more to enjoy over time. with this is mind: 

omracer's Rating: 8/10

The Good Points: 

  • Amazing Taste
  • Easy to buy
  • not too big bites per piece

The Bad Points: 

  • There isn't much per packet
  • The price is high compared to other snacks
  • For some people, there is a strong spice with it. 

I will get to do more reviews soon, definitely in september. For now its a wet summer from the looks of it.