Saturday, 19 August 2017

hEAT ‘EM UP Doner Kebab with Spicy Chilli Sauce.

With a new bit of food to buy when I was shopping last week, I noticed this little gem of a meal. £1.00 for a Doner Kebab, then yes please. So I bought this and another meal but this one was more popular to review according to a Twitter Poll.

This was £1.00 in Tesco (not listed in link but company is) and I enjoyed it, you can see the video below:

The Packaging. 

What caught my eye was the BOLD colours and big text and a picture of the kebab. The Price on the corner also helps to give attention to you. In all honesty though, green text on purple backgrounds is not the best to see but a few bits of it was, not all. The info was dense on the other side of the boxes but the main sides were clear and simple to read. 

The front of the Box

Its the back of the box but it doesn't feel like 

The side of the box with a same advert

The top of the box

Another side of the box with the ingredients and nutrition info

The bottom of the box with the barcode

How it looks:

Well, once its out of the box, it doesn't look as filled as the photo but there is something in there and the sachet of sauce is quite runny from the prediction. But some onions that were frozen were also loose as well. Its a nice size for the pita bread which gives some extra additions if you wanted it. The meat is a bit small amount and the onions were a nice fair size with what was not falling out of the packaging.

You can see how much onions are in there

The meat is not as much

The size of the bread

The sauce was a small size, it was not fully loaded but it wasn't a bag of air, so you do get a bit of it. 

The sachet of spicy chilli sauce

How to cook it:

This was actually quite an easy 12 simple steps:
  1. Get a plate & Mug
  2. Boil a kettle with water in
  3. Unrwap the Kebab's packaging
  4. Put kebab on plate
  5.  Pour water into mug
  6. Put sachet in mug
  7. Put plate in for 3 minutes
  8. Wait until cooked
  9. Take plate out of Microwave 
  10. Take sachet out of mug
  11.  Pour sachet onto kebab
  12. Fold up and enjoy
Sachet in Mug

Cooking in microwave

The final result unwrapped

The Final result

How did it taste: 

Well, that was actually a nice taste to it, okay its not that rich in its meat but the lamb you could taste and the onions were quite good and the sauce was nice but then after a few bites, it was going into that lip burning sensation, this was while it was dripping on the table. But for a meal its actually filling enough for some smaller appetites, for me maybe a bit small. But the bread allows for more to be crammed in which intense flavours like crisps, chicken, biscuits could be added in there. 

With this in mind

omracer's Rating: 8/10

The Good Points:

  • Good Value
  • A good simple taste
  • Not that tiny bread
  • Bright packaging
  • Has a sauce with it

The Bad Points:

  • Not available in All Tesco Stores
  • The meat isn't that much
  • The sauce can be runny

That's all for a short while and I will be reviewing more and vlogging soon...