Wednesday, 13 May 2015

ONDA v820w 8" Intel Atom Z3735F Windows 8.1 Tablet (Part 3)

Well, long story short i semi bricked my v820w by flashing the Dual OS Bios (which worked and didn't actually cause the problem) but Following a Chinese Tutorial to install Android to it using the WIN PE Method. This almost kind of worked except the last part which now i'm face with a problem with the ONDA logo appearing just rebooting and Keyboards won't work which means i can't get into the bios. The Insyde Recovery method hasn't worked either. 

All in All i ended up buying the Dual OS version for £83 INC VAT and Delivery from a UK supplier (idreamcenter) which is £20 cheaper than what i paid for mine and since the v820w i bought was from, returning to China isn't worth it.

I partly thought there was a way to disconnect the Storage Chip from the tablet then wipe it some how (this might work), but it turns out its soldered, so enjoy some pics of the insides of the thing. 
Note: this is the V2 version of the Single OS (Not Andrews/Android its the Windows one). I should of told you that before but after finding this out, its best to let you know. 

Where i'm facing the problem so far

Using a tiny flat screwdriver to open the case up

Progress but being careful

The case insides

Welcome to the inside of the Onda

This is the top half, the heatsink covers the CPU, the RAM and the SSD/NAND

The right hand sice, the battery, card reader and Realtek audio chip

The left hand side, with some ribbon cable connectors

Here the connectors are for the speakers

This is mostly it, of course i could take the other side apart but i'm not that good at it.