Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Dragon War Silvio Gaming Keyboard

Well this was a unique kind of surprise, since it was actually the fact my mum was looking for a new keyboard and due to the dog killing the mouse in December 2014 from the Nemesis Kane Pro Set i bought back in July 2014. After finding out about 2 different brands making their way into the UK, E-3lue and DragonWar, both of which only have some of their products around. Now this is more a RD-UK thing but there was a controller but i can't explain how the fuck i'm going to import it into the UK if no sellers from france can offer that :(

The Nemesis Kane Pro, the keyboard is slightly dusty and some things are fading. 

Anyways after looking and realising i had a £30 Amazon GC since christmas and i finally took weeks and purchased the Silvio, well it looks good, £34.97 from Amazon Marketplace inc VAT and free delivery and it looks more Gaming design with the keys and leds. I ordered it the 13th and it arrived today (14th) um thats less than 24 hours, IDEALS.

If you want it, the place i got it from was HERE
on Amazon, since there were 5 different products for the same thing and this was the cheapest and as fare as i know, the quickest.

The Keyboard and the Invoice (without the docs dropping)
The video for it is below, its a bit longer to take up since i needed privacy and all of that,

Looking at the outside and inside

Well the box is well presented, with a slight dragon hologram, with clear details of the features, the look of the keyboard is slightly different on the front and the back which makes it harder to guess which look the keyboard actually is, The red and the black does give it a devil feel which religion does influence gaming accessories sometimes, why i don't know but its more of a bad ass feel which is good. The side parts of the box are slightly simple which does push on the the attention on the from and back of the box. 

The social media links for Dragon War are on there, which is good to see they do want to improve the customer base and all that hype of the masses. I'm excited to view this product from the inside too, since it gives clear features which makes it desriable and points some of them on the keyboard itself in the back picture. 

The front of the box and you can see the hologram of the dragon when i put the flash on.

Take the flash off and its not as clear

The bottom of the box with the dragonwar logo and the slivlio logo in white this time

The side panels are pretty much the keyboard

The top of the box is with the alternative dragonwar logo

A visual jist of the back of the box, well theres alot to see 

A clearer shot of the featues like N-Key-Rollover which i might see how it performs, maybe easier with Vegas/Movie Studio or even iMovie if this works on OSX 

Some more features and Social media to check out

The supported OSX and the connections, notice XP nor any non windows OS is supported

The Keyboard when lit and the point of the WASD and the UPDOWNLEFTRIGHT keys are lit in red

The front of the box with the Silvio Logo

The features on the front are clearer to see when close up
Then we open the box and its basically the keyboard and the cable hidden inside the bottom of the box. There wasn't a manual as far as i could see which might be needed to see about the N-Key rollover.

The front of the box and the keyboard is upside down, 

But when you flip the box, its the normal way, from the look without the backlight, its just a plain boring keyboard :/

Time to take out and set up :)

Well it was simple to set up and actually it was longer than the lead for the kane pro, which is a good and bad thing, good in the sense that i don't have to worry about the cable breaking from stretching it and bad that the dog might want to chew it to pieces better. But that is only for dog owners, most gamer people don't have dogs if they move out etc. But one thing i did notice with the keyboard is that the Windows key was in a different place, which might make thins frustrating at first but eventually i'll be used to it, maybe the FN key should of been there but most laptop keyboards have the fn key around the win key anyway. But i was up to go within 10 minutes (cable to put in a desk and fitting it in the PC etc).
The keyboard after being out of the box

The left side of the keyboard

The center and right side of the keyboard

The right side of the keyboard

Another view

The dragon logo at the top

The alternative logo at the bottom

The USB connector

The other side of the usb connector
 Once it was plugged in, the PC was plugged in but not turned on, there was no keys lit but the mouse was, which was interesting and once the PC was turned on, the colours were lit and this blue was much clearer than the nemesis along with the red colouring on the WASD and UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT keys.
The keyboard, all lit and looking decent

The left side of the keyboard, the WASD keys have a pinkish more than red tint to them

The Right side of the keyboard and the arrow keys are more red and proper

The dragon logo looks good

Well it felt nice and the keyboard itself was much lighter and also it took a while before the Windows key worked (the dragon logo at the bottom near the arrow keys). Also the space bar didn't light up as much which is a bit of a shame. #


Well the Function keys were quite simple which were

  • ESC - Turns backlight keys on or off
  • F1 - Play/Pause
  • F2 - Previous
  • F3 - Forward
  • F4 - Mute
  • F5 - Opens Internet Browser (opens the default whichever selected, for me it was chrome)
  • F6 - Opens Mail App (whatever program Mailto: uses)
  • F7 - Opens Search (Will open the search bar on Win8.x)
  • F8 - Not sure since nothing happened when i pressed it
  • F9 - Opens My Computer (This PC in Win8+)
  • F10 - Opens Calculator (Will open the Desktop version in Win8+)
F11 and F12 don't have anything assigned to them, Also the 14 Key rollover is supposed to be a feature which lets you press multiple keys at once without any delay or hassle, there is no specific app that needs it to be set up as far as i noticed from the EU and JP site of Dragonwar. 
Also there is the clips on the bottom for it to rise up which is good and gives some elevation. 
When i tested Pixel Piracy, it felt really responsive and smooth with the keyboard and the camera, yay. Any major  MMOs should be ok with this.

I did test this on OSX and it worked, there was a slight delay when typing or felt slower but it still worked fine, which is odd since the Nemesis worked fine. Apple Keyboard assistant didn't pick up the language of the keyboard either.


Well after the various tests and all, its actually a nicely next stage up with better looks and brighter blues and other things. 

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The Good Points:

  • Its light
  • The colours are brighter
  • Longer USB cable
  • A nicer font on the keys 
  • Lit up dragon

The Bad Points:

  • The spacebar isn't that bright
  • The windows key isn't in the usual spot (the FN and windows key could of been swapped)
  • The slight delay in OSX

Well there it is, the review. Hope you enjoy and any questions just let me know