Tuesday, 19 May 2015

ONDA v820w 8" Intel Atom Z3735F Windows 8.1/Android 4.4 Tablet (Part 4)

Well, as i mentioned in the Part 3 review, there was a mention of a replacement on its way to me. Now that HAD arrived and its pretty ideal. This was for the dual os Version which means both android 4.4 and Windows 8.1 are installed. Since there were some games i wanted to possibly make videos on, this was the reason i went for that model.

This time it cost me £83 from iDreamCenter from the UK which meant NO CUSTOMS and also 2 day delivery from Royal Mail, (actually make that 3 since i couldn't pick it up due to a signature which it wasn't sent to work :/. But then when i picked it up, i did unbox and set most of it up.

I'll be honest here and say the Packaging was more cleaner and whiter than the 8.1 only version. There was also NO OTG cable inside but since i already have one, its not a problem for me. The Microusb cable was inside too, which is nice.

The top of the box

The side of the box with the S/N which mentions is a V1 model

Another side with QR codes and the ONDA logo

The top of the box with the ONDA logo again

Also another side of the box showing how thin the tablet is

Looking inside the box, well that was the simple layout 

DAT reflection with the seal of protectiveness on as well. 
Now turning the tablet on and it booted into android, which was setup in English believe it or not, i can say that's good effort from the sellers. But i reset the tablet anyway and put it into English myself and setting up the usual account.

The Launcher was very iOS like which for apple fans might cause rage but ease of use too, one annoyance with this tablet ROM though was the amount of Chinese apps, which for me isn't an issue as i rooted it with the guide of Beny. But the speed of the thing is pretty amazing, changing the launcher to HOLO launcher HD and the thing was smooth, ePSXe with Point Blank was almost at full 50fps and that was @ 497mhz (lowest clock speed possible using NoFrill CPU Control.

The settings design

Info about the Tablet

The settings for the CPU speeds in CPU Control

The only downside i had so far was nearly troubled installing Xposed Framework (which can be fixed HERE) and Also Micro HDMI not working as it should be, there are rumours of people having to cute back the plastic part of the cable to get it to work but i have not tested this yet.

All in all, this feels a fast tablet, the Wifi is pretty strong as well, then again there was the bios update which improved it in android and also added a boot menu if you press vol up after turning on. Also the Q2S software works fine :)