Thursday, 31 July 2014


So, this review i have sort of wanted to do for a long while and as i was leaving work to get home and needed to buy some juice, i decided to buy it, that and it was reduced, but this item i've had many times for various lunches in work, since its a good value.


To be honest, you can pick this up in a local Spar or a local newsagents and even some petrol stations have this, the price is normally £1 but since this was going to expire in less than 24 hours from when i bought it, it was worth £0.50 :D. the video is below: 

The packaging

But to be honest there is hardly much i can say about the packaging, its easy to open-ish, the design is simple and it includes what it needs to. So i will just leave this here:
The top of the packaging

The bottom of it, this also includes the EAN, the ingredients and also a phone number i've just noticed for the first time

The shape and taste

Well, there is a nice burger like shape to it, which is sort of what attracted me to the product, and since there is 2 of them, it can satisfy me budgetly. but the texture has a very slightly fried look to it which might give the chicken part of it away. 
The top

The side, it looks thicker than me middle finger

The bottom, which actually doesn't look as nice
As far as tasting goes, i said in the video it has a sweet taste and it does, not waffle sweet but it makes it more succulent meat type sweet, maybe its from the high fat but its nice either way.
Eating the product

But when you look inside the food, it does have that fat side look but its not noticeable when your eating it for the most parrt, there is also a slight bit of onions in the thing. But apart from that, its does give the feel of burger meat.

Looking at the food and it that fatty look

A blurred close up of it

A look at the outside and in at the same time


This is a nice budget lunch that can go well with most other snacks as part of a quick meal for under £2, i mean i mostly have them with space raiders and its nice to combine it a bit. But all in all...

omracer's rating: 6/10

The good bits

  • VERY good value for money
  • Very succulent and tender
  • For something different for lunch 

The bad points: 

  • Can be fattening (if your on a diet)
  • the taste is strong if you have it all at the same time and almost daily
  • Racist people won't like it since its from another country

Thats another review wrapped up and see you for more soon