Sunday, 20 July 2014

Nemesis Kane Pro Edition Gaming Combo Pack

I've been slacking in reviews for a few months now and i do apologise for this. Now the story behind this review is that i was looking for a new keyboard and mouse set for my PC, one of my suppliers in work mentioned this one too me and it looked good and was a reasonable price. So i bought it for £20 and decided to see how i get on.

Nemesis Kane Pro Edition - Gaming Combo Pack

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The packaging...

So the brand is a recent one by Sumvision, which makes alot of technology from Tablets to even the PSYC (yes they own that too) earphones i reviewed earlier on. But the packaging looks modern and neat and clearly shows the features of the product very nicely: 
The top of the box (this is also the back view from the looks of it)

This is the bottom view (Also the front view of it)

The Side view which features some more detail of the keyboard and what OS it can support
So, that was the outside, nice packaging and if there is one thing to say about the box, is that it is quite hard to keep open, which you might of noticed in the video. Also the specs of the Keyboard and Mosue are below:


  • Wired USB Keyboard  - 2m cable
  • 3 in one LED with adjustable colour and brightness using 2 keys towards the right ctrl key
  • 105 keys on the thing - it does include a numpad
  • its Qwerty style


  • Wired USB optical mouse - 2m cable
  • Adjustable dpi button near scrollwheel  - from 800dpi to 2400 dpi
  • Back and forward buttons on left hand side of mouse
  • Bad ass design with auto lighting (you can't change the colours)

Now its time to have a look inside the box, which actually only has the keyboard and mouse and some cardboard, no manual included, which is fine since there is nothing that needs to be explained for most common users of gaming keyboards and mice. If you really wanted a manual to read, this product will not be for you. 
Inside the box, with the mouse in a nice slot and both sealed in wrapping. 

Outside the wrapping - The Mouse

So, once you've managed to rip the tight sealing, you see in detail the mouse and the design. Which looks like a organic tree design, it does slightly look light lightning strikes from afar, but you can notice the short stems. The design is below:
The Mouse and the cable still tied up, the cable quality is much better than traditional cables from normal mice

The right side of the mouse, which has the cheverons which are lit up when plugged in

The left hand side, now there are 2 smaller chevrons this time but the one nearer the rear bulges out. for added grip for long hour usage i guess....

The bottom of the Mouse, which you can see the shape is slightly unique compared a normal design

Now the design is slightly wider which does give it a better effect and it actually does suit my hand which is better for gamers with chubby hands :). Now its time for the Keyboard.

Outside the wrapping - The Keyboard

Now this keyboard has a more standard design but slightly military to it, well since most games do play FPS, it makes sense to have it shaped like that. The cable is also a better material than traditional keyboards, which is better reliability and looks nicer. 

The Keyboard from the top

A better focus on the numpad and the logo in the top right corner

The left side of the keyboard, which looks good and a better focus on the cable, a much better material

Underneath the keyboard. The shape is symmetrica, the 2 clips are shown too.
Its a simple and lightweight design, maybe my only gripe is that it could look risky with the way the cable bends but this doesn't matter once its set up. That and the keys do look slightly painted, but if it rubs off is another question. Time to see this all lit up.

The Setup and illumination

Now, it doesn't take long to plug it in, its a 2m cable which gives a reasonable amount of distance from the desktop (you should have no problem with the laptop whatsoever) which can be a good bonus. Also the shape of the USB is unique so you can recognise it straight away if you doo need to unplug it at any point.  Heres what it looks like plugged into my PC. 
The Keyboard and Mouse plugged into to my G31M-ES2L
Now when it was first plugged in, it was setup ion red, which is nice, its a slightly laser type red. But to show you the best, enjoy each colour at each brightness...
Red at max brightness

Red at meh or medium brightness

Red at dim brightness

Purple at max brightness

Purple at meh or medium brightness

Purple at dim brightness

Blue at max brightness

Blue at meh or medium brightness

Blue at dim brightness

Its a nice colour, although from afar, the blue and puirple sort of see the same, which is a bit of a downfall, but its makes sense since purple is inbetween red and blue in the colour spectrum. Sure if it was green it would of been more amazing but thats more Razer's trademark which would be risky for sumvision.

Now its time to see how the mouse looks:
The top view of the mouse, with the design looking the best

The left side of the mouse when lit, it does give the impression of lighting strikes until you look closer

The right side of the mosue, this does look nice with the cheverons

Showing underneath the mouse and the red optical laser
So, the design looks so much better when lit and makes late night gaming look amazing for the most part. And using it is pretty cool, i mean its quite responsive and the keys are slightly clunky when typing, maybe not as loud as my old keyboard but it will make a sound if your in complete silence. 

The mouse feels really sensitive too, which scrolling seems smoother than the mouse i had before ( a cheap pink glitter on if you really want to know). But there was one thing i notices when actually editing the video review using this on Mavericks. Before the cmd key was the alt hey, now its the windows key, which is as it should be, so if your used to the before, then you might need to just be aware. 

The Verdict

Like i said, this pack is a nice buy for most uses and will help with getting into PC gaming as well as a nice little luxury when working or gaming in the dark :). for this i give it a rating of...

omracer's Rating: 7/10

The good points:

  • The lights are nice
  • Fast and responsive
  • A decent cable and usb connectors
  • easy to change colours on any os
  • REALLY Good value for money

The bad points:

  • Painted keys, so the characters will wear off after alot of usage
  • Not easy to notice the 3 colours (purple and blue seem too alike from afar)
  • The mouse could of had more customisable buttons

And so, that ends this review, enjoy it and its good to buy if you are looking for a new keyboard combo and are on benefits or a tight budget