Sunday, 3 April 2022

Streaming Studio Phone Grip and Tripod

 Now this was a fair bit of time ago, but this is a quick review for ANOTHER phone tripod since I've actually lost the previous one from digipower on that side.  But this was from B&M back in February when it was dealing with things I've sort of explained on my other blog. But as the B&M post suggests this was reduced to £3 and that is incredible for this. So let's explore. 

The Packaging

It does have the B&M Aesthetic along with a blue and purple background for this From the Bold font to the pictures. But it also was made for B&M so it has to have their branding for sure. The sides have the clearness of what it does and there are a lot more details on the back for it too. It does show clear pictures of the tripod itself but not so much of the holder side and even no sign of the remote it comes with unless you look on the back of the box 

The Front of the box 

A look at the tripod from the side 

The back of the box 

The bottom of the box with the Logos and barcodes 

The streaming studio logo on the top of the box 

But that is how it goes, it is nice to see those remotes back in trending. But then it was time to have a look inside.

Inside the Box

To be fair its a very simple bit of plastic mould for those 3 bits, like the battery, the stand and the phone holder, then a clear English manual, that is the best touch for a change compared to other reviews in the past which has been for the multi-market or the imported market. 

The layout of the inside of the box 

The Tripod: 

Well, this is almost exactly like the digipower but it does have the extra strap and some extra holes. The strap is a nice feature but the tripod is the same way. 

The trippood from one side 

a FRont look at the tripod like before 

From the right side of the tripod 

from the left side of the tripod 

The Phone Holder

It's the standard 2 hold design that was used from the digipower and that means the compatibility is the same and makes it easier for the other options. which means its useful for Phones and also action cameras if needed to go down that route. 

The phone side of the holder 

The screw hold on the back of the holder 

The bottom of the holder 

The Bluetooth button

In honesty, this is a nice touch and simple, basically, its a Bluetooth volume down button which both Android and iOS have used for the Take picture button, Its is a nice simple one, the strap is nice the Battery is the CRC2032 one and a switch in the bottom right-hand side is a good touch too. 

The top of the remote 

a blurred look at the switch on the right-hand side 

The side of the remote 

The bottom of the remote 

The Manual, 

The font is big and the spread out is clear and easy to read, so this is a nice way to help guide on how to turn it on and use the remote as well as assemble the tripod. 

The front of the manual 

The first inside pages of the manual 

the back of the other 2 pages 

More pages 

The back other pages 

Well with all of that out of the way, it was time to test. 

The Testing: 

To be fair, it's the plan of the simple screw-on way with the bottom section to then get it attached from the holder to the tripod, the holder slides to let a phone fit in, the grab tab does well for this and keeps it stiffly in place. It feels and holds pretty much the same as the digi power and gives it an easier grip and a bit of length, well very short length since it's not a selfie stick, (I still have one).

The selfie with it 

But then it was time to test the remote and it paired pretty quickly, I switched it on after pulling the tag out and the blue light flashed then it appears in the Bluetooth settings for sure easily. 

The remote off

The remote is now showing the light 

The Bluetooth settings with it paired 

And then it was a press of the button NOT in the camera app to then lower the volume, but when in the Camera app, it was time to talk videos and selfies. Well it worked without any hitch from what I see. 

Press it 

Press it again 

Another one 

Now it leads to what else can be said, well that about it. 

The Conclusion: 

Well, it is an incredible price value compared to the digi power for the same thing and will hopefully be making it easier to vlog if I DONT LOSE IT.

omracer's Rating: 9/10

The Good Points :

  • The value is incredible for this, even at its original price
  • The remote is a useful idea and works simply
  • The grip is nice for the tripod 

The Bad Points: 

  • The Bluetooth remote is the only volume downside 
  • I have a bad habit of losing the tripod

Well that is is for another way and it can be a case of more reviews to go with Mice and a GPU too. But for now, it is time for a catchup vlog soon.